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When movies need Programs


Sure, I'm old, but there did seem to be some deleted content causing plot hiccups in the new Fantastic Beast movie. I liked what I saw, but left confused. This happens to me when I see comic book movies too. Brain ache or just a lack of interest in the minutia. Am I supposed to like that guy or not; which side is he on? Aquaman looks like a stupid ride with a likeable star. Or was that Thor underwater?

At least I didn't think the colors were dull.

A viewer's guide would be nice. I get one when I go to the theater. The names of the cast next to character, so I don't have to question whether I should know the person from other movies in the mythos. Dumbledore, sure know him. Wish he had a larger role. But who are the other people and are they powerful or just there for color? Lots of questions.

That or the producers need to know that when you write a script and cut out parts that special effects won't cover for a lack of dialog. Maybe I didn't like the movie. Oh my gawd, is Mary Poppins also in this? Forty minutes of previews also need a better demarcation showing when the main movie begins. Well Bumblebee only had a small role in Fantastic Beast; not sure how the prologue with all the machines churning the landscape dove tailed into a interwar period movie; maybe it was Gompers and the Grange. There's the Disney logo, perhaps a quick nap.



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