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Outlands 21 Nov


The Avar deserted us. I will forever blame them for our loss. Not that I blame anyone anymore, now that my life and logic are Anathema. We started as 1700 versus 1650. By the end it was a cowering 450 Greek versus 1450, but dawn came and our defeat. We had to retreat to our longboat; the riot of a party had passed.

We first fought the Twist, a Carrion Monster of Foul disposition. The battle was easily won, as well as the clean-up. Once again the deck was very kind; the rolls were even good. One player made a fourteen to gain a swaggering.

After defeating the wood dissolving, squishy exploding, underwater, pearl teeth carrion monsters, I shall call them Ralkphers, we headed into the riot. The combat was fun. Banes turned out to be a great way to gain swaggering as we slowly gained (by battle end) plus three Tactical and our Quest Pip. Yet upon conclusion we all gained each at least six swaggering, but inevitably lost the fight. The Greek remain in Novgorod. Maybe this was a quest we were meant to fail; it was cruel. The Aurora Cult is weakened and over a thousand died. Yet the patron, an old guard legionnaire wanted us to slay them all.

Did I mention three characters learned Demonic Wizardry and two Necromancy. We fought and still fight under a dark set of gods.

We headed out toward Staraja again, continuing on our true mission to return the child. A KNIGHT (Revik) made demands for treasure for his masters in Beloozero, so we slew his men and sent him fleeing.

We begin to use the combat system well. But a later battle against a dozen men took far too long, mostly because the parameters were in flux from Major Tarot modifiers. Do we run, do we ignore Banes, are we Brash, or able to use any method. I tried a number of things and made level three. How can anyone complain? The boat is in good shape. How can anyone complain?

Next week back to Cutlass (28th). Week after that will be Outlands (5th).



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