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Cutlass 28 Nov


We traveled back from the Pig People across the roiling southern seas to Ceylon. There the governor, Maurice, asked us to go to India and arrange a trade deal on his behalf and for France. We were warned not to discuss religion nor get involved with religious dispute. That put the agnostic Paul Klee as the ship vicar.

We outfitted the Galleass Constable and crossed the Bay of Bass to Sind. The encounters on Sailing Secret Rudders were choppy. We would advance and recline, advance and recline. The deck shuffled an astonishing four times in the two hours.

We outfitted the vessel, deciding pyrate was a good trait. The mutiny later would prove otherwise. Rolphe (named Elfy by Klee) took the role of closer. He ended nearly every battle: two ship to ships and one reverse boarding mutiny. A fine role indeed. He ended the battle with the twin Ninja, Do and Dho, even taking one man as a personal valet and tea pourer. Do’s head was later crushed by an elephant. Dho was slain in the original fight. Neither was buried. Our rival was Aco Jan, a Japanese prince trained by Marco DaVinci. many of his Knaves were faced.

We landed in Lahore (start of a six part climax) and found the brass artisans in battle with the higher caste. We did not realize that caste was religious. Instead of taking the side of fist to face, we judged the high born to be morally right. So many artisan Dutta were slain across the country that the supply of Brass was stunted for a decade. We did manage to save a few men in each city from having heads crushed by elephants, while ourselves avoided our own bodily harm (mostly). Three vicious this session.

We also faced the dreaded Lotus Eaters and won. Ralphe again? Finally faced a Mughal missionary and defeated his ten swaggering. Bright-Eyes fell to vicious and stayed on the ship. The killer of Kit Marlow joined right in time to lose several of his swaggering. Yet ten were taken and the holy man ended with a vicious.

A few characters levels and we had six players, a good time I say. The admiral of France and Viceroy of Japan will hopefully return from New Zealand soon.

One campaign event: an imposter is posing as admiral of France. The imposter fled with the budget and the flagship. His majesty is not pleased. He worries his true admiral is abducted and has come to harm. When he discovers he was merely away battling pig tribe, we’ll heads might roll. “Get me back my eagle!”

Next week back to Outlands (5th). Week after that will be Cutlass (12th).



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