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Outlands 5 Dec


We made poor progress as we were struck by many Knaves. Several people did level, though. We even lost the river, clogged with ice, so we dragged the boat on a hastily built sledge. But the main action involved serious combat with several injuries.

Though our Quest Pip was plus two, soon to be plus three, we never caught a break. First we fought a Foul ship out of Beloozero. The battle might have been won, as we had boarded. But we were sent endlessly back to safeguard our own ship. Finally, we were forced to retreat to make repairs and only barely escaped. The loss turned out to be minimal, as was our lost opportunity. Later, we faced an Enchantment that turned the very ice into snapping jaws. This action was short, but the outcome more lasting. We finally were attacked by fourteen men, and one by one seemed to fail. Less than half were standing at battle’s end, but it was a win. Still, even our greatest warrior decided to run right as the cards said anyone running is struck down, an unfortunate turn of the events.

We survive, still in Phase B, barely a few hundred yards up from where we started.

The girl, Khổng lồ, is slowly turning to ice. The crew, even as they serve accustomed to our demonic wizards, grew afraid. Ralf fashioned a bronze cage. Tamoon ordered the girl inside using Thought Control. She likes her cage. That makes Ungmar suspicious.

Lady Moridin found a dying Varangian and became the next keeper of the Shield of Einherjar. She felt a tug to block blows that might cause wounds, yet she held the relic’s powers back from fruition. That makes Ungmar suspicious.

We defeated Revik three times, though one time it was only that we outdistanced his attack ship. In that battle, Ebbs the Varangian provisioner was slain; people miss his boiled fish and fowl. Cyrul mocks the lords of Beloozero; declaring the city-state should hire a better servant than Revik or pay us to stay away. That makes Ungmar suspicious.

Some of the party was wounded, including Ralf as he alerted us all to flee. Hemming joined the adventure as Huginn convalesces. Lady Moridin hates the new man for bragging that he is the best swordsman of the group. That makes Ungmar suspicious.

Tamoon has lost his magical abilities until a time when Khổng lồ smiles again (end of adventure). The cage is not working? That makes Ungmar suspicious.

Sigmund has sworn openly with vows before the gods that he will never betray us nor desert us. That makes Ungmar suspicious.

Next week back to Cutlass (12th). Week after that will be outlands (19th).



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