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Outlands 19 Dec


With a quest Pip of plus four, we started to milk the tables for all they were worth. Everyone in the civilized world seems to want the girl, Khổng lồ, dead. Yet she shatters metal when it touches her skin. Nice trick. We pushed on and completed the underworld, yes underworld, climax. The girl was returned to her kind in the Tundra Giants. We spoke to an ear made of ice underground. The giants owe us a favor. The Zaires may be our enemies. Not real Zaires, but campaign pretenders, the Prorogati. That and the Freemasons could have been our allies, but we didnít think killing our charge , a little magic girl, was Ignoble enough.

Iím just glad we reached the Epilog. Back to Kiev and start mission number six.

Letís see if I can reap quickly? Fought some more Owl headed men. Fought some bears dressed like old women. Making friends everywhere of the non-humans it seems. Does our boat have a name? The crew of the Sprightly Haters, filled with demonic necromancers, is ready for travel. I did raise the dead and that turned out to be a good deed. The Prorogati would have used the bones to fight us. A battle avoided is, wait, I needed to face Enchanted to level? Damn, I got to just let bad things happen more.

Seven Nasty things, Shadows, were defeated by rendering them ordinary. Banes are too easy. Someone needs to lose a limb to get our minds right. Easy jade, broke up by a demigodís fingers? Almost every longboat technique. Again, how can we lose?

Still no idea what Lady Moridinís Varangian shield does? Three Horrible lesser giants killed or run off, should have gathered a jug of those guysí frozen blood. Makes a fine Daiquiri. Hey, didnít I and Sigmund also win swagger v swagger against another magi astrologer, made a friend in Murmum? This game is awesome easy. Oh yeah, that Quest Pip goes away soon. Ouch.

Next week back to Cutlass (26th). Week after that will be Outlands (Jan 2nd).



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