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Cutlass Ice Kings NPCs


Mission 28
The players have a choice to take any of twelve specialists on the journey north by north east. Each man requires a stateroom and may or may not serve a purpose. Each has a country of origin and some may also prove to be a detriment (under certain circumstances). If the players trust their own skills, they may wish to leave all behind. However, the preliminary rolls will be Nearly Impossible, which could be a bunch of make-rolls? Some rolls are also Ref made, not player!

Otherwise, the right specialist will cover that event safely. Each specialist might have multiple places his hidden talents apply. Yet, each will only be used once. Any event if not circumvented will deliver vicious wound to a player character (or an NPC specialist).

Twelve Specialists
Scot Dentist; whose own teeth are falling out.
Genoese Puppeteer, fugitive after carving grotesque images of his country’s ruling body.
Moorish Lion Wrestler; freed slave and gift from friend, Moab ibn Bakr.
Dutch Harpoonist; with fourteen kills to his credit.
Bavarian Brewmaster; reputed to turn water into wine (or malted ale).
Russian Operatic Tenor; wants to experience what he’s only sung about.
Blind and Aged Spanish Explorer; traveled with Marco Polo.
Napalese Pyrate; lost both hands to Turk torture.
Incago Native Tracker; brought back from the New World.
Ethiopian Slave Auctioneer; yet vows never to see men serve in bondage.
Kleef Boat Figurehead Painter; fined by the Church for lewd drawings.
French Uniform Maker; specializes in brass buttons.

The game events occur as a situation and the selection of WHOM? For instance, the result might be “MANIA: You see a man diligent at work, but do you understand he’s sharpening a shiv, not smoothing out a rough bar on the rail?” This would be a test of say, Tinker? Debate among yourselves, then decide which of the NPCs is the observant party or if a player character will suffer the Nearly Impossible roll. No, I would not assign the Blind and Aged Explorer here, unless you wish to see him gutted. Or maybe, his hearing is acute enough that he knows the man is not grinding down but instead shaves out the metal? Aha, let’s see, shall we.



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