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Outlands 2 Jan


The epilog of the Frost Giant’s Daughter ended without incident. An alt napping and being punished as the Scapegoat the only real event of my memory. The new quest started in Kiev. We were approached by a priestess, Misha Linus. She was told to deliver a saint’s bones, Lord Olegsvet, to Novgorod. She seemed disinclined to go but was ordered. The relic bones were not demonic nor necromantic (yet). The Prorogati seemed opposed to moving the relic but were not the rival. The rival was a vizier of Cherson named Gennadi; he wanted the bones brought to that city-state, not Novgorod. If the bones fail to make it to Novgorod, each player character would lose a Trait. Gennadi hired blunderbuss wielding trolls to stop our progress. Our reward seemed a bit light for such a threat. Yet the leader, Huginn, won a vote of no-confidence, the first of three. Hail Huginn (times three).

Oak box? Seems odd the bones would be carried in wood, a natural element. Our longboat was near perfect with techniques. We would be quite tested by the route, lots of Bad Trait Pestilence and Rebellion in the frontier (Spring). All our clever actions are done.

Our first, and mostly only encounter before Novgorod was an attack by the firearm holding trolls. Was hard to defeat them. Tamoon took a wound, but the injury was blocked by the Shield of Einherjar, a miracle. The wielder of the shield suffered doubts and loss, but Tamoon was fine. I believe Ralf slew (or caused to flee) all four. When the leader stated he slew one himself, Ralf called for a second vote of no confidence. Huginn won. Wait, Hemming (in the chat) the scapegoat is leading he quest? Now I am confused why I continue to vote for the leader.

Our encounters seemed endless, but with few results. We flipped some majors that had us ignoring most results. Thirty cards later we reached Novgorod. There, Mayor Marina, laughed in our face. Seemed unkind? She still resents the trouble we caused by trying to rid the town of Greeks. She agreed that was needed but did not anticipate the carnage nor the fact we would actually fail. Turns out, a twist, Lord Olegsvet is the patron saint of Tmutarakan off the eastern Black Sea. We had gone three phases in the wrong direction. Five phases if you count the two sixes we kept received in Phase B.

Did Misha apologize? No, the patron was in a snit since the start. That is when Hemming survived his third and last no confidence. Tamoon was the deciding vote each time.

So, we wasted much effort and were now out of bread. Need fosters the best plans, a magic shortcut. Tamoon conjured a portal to connect us to the legion garrison near Myya. Ungmar, as a fellow practitioner of Cosmic daring do, agreed to help. No need, the portal was easy-peasy. Just one hitch – it moved through the underworlds at a level of the Tombs of the First Kings. Typically, that place is filled with nasty enraged beasts.

Huginn, yes now I am sure it is the Occult Huginn, saw faces in the darkness. Of course, imps, I tried to assure him these were no problem. He countered back he was joking, mocking our timid souls. “We should always travel by boat below the surface.” Another joke? Hardly! We wished we could vote one more time for no confidence, but three times is twice too many.

I may be forgetting the order, but somewhere along the way we were joined by a KNIGHT and helped by a KING. We needed this help, since the very walls came alive in the Underworld Tombs. (Damn, did we forget to use the +3 we earned for Cosmic Portal Phase A?)

The ancient kings took stone titans as prisoners and forced them to hold up the ceilings. The stone monsters (invincible) smashed the ceiling and caused blocks to fall. They were angry so much time had passed and humans seemed no longer god-like. They had not beheld the demigod Cyrul and of course our Companion, Ralf. We engaged one and found it was actually a pair. Early failure also caused the enemy to become Enraged. Facing doom, certain, Ralf slew both. Huginn claims to have fell one himself, but he recanted, being too modest. The caped and vain Ralf, our Fyrd Gestir, our companion freeman, must have all credit in victory. Was a nice event, worthy, though the loot was limited since our ship was too stuffed with all things but bread.

Our boat gained raw riches and refined treasure of a value worthy of Ignoble for up to level three; worth perhaps any single longboat technique, usually Treasure Laden (D). I read from the unpublished Campaign Climax book. Combined treasure is weighty, but easier to move with our longboat on the cosmic path. Alas, we were already too full to take much more than full purses and a handsome reward to the crew. The slaves had enough to buy slaves to take their places. Some pilgrims following the bones had already taken the seat of many of the lowly rowers. We are elite, indeed. What do you mean we are not elite? Blast that commander for failing to handpick our crew and cull the grumblers. Pilgrims as rowers, what happened to the Jenolan. All dead? Slain by the crew when they went berserk under thought control. Have we no magic users? Where is our finest? Today that would be me (no roll goes un-failed.)

Though again my recollection is nonlinear, I do recall a moment when a coven of evil sent by Gennadi tried to set our ship aflame. But the Champion Ralf took a blast of lightning and absorbed the strike with his Impetus Blade. Thor would be proud of his son that day.

I survive a bit better in some ways but now doubting my ability to hurl flame. I grow scared of fire; my fish scales do not like the heat. Best to keep that a secret.

We continue on 16 Jan, in the Underworld in Phase A, on out way to Cherson, the rival’s home, en route to Tmutarakan, with the bones of Olegsvet. May Einharjar protect us, with Cyrul to decide if we will keep the shield or take it to Pskov to rest in the crypts of the fallen Varangians. The shield holder loses make-rolls when it protects a party member. I can live with that.



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