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Q&D Royal Court


Q&D Royal Court

King: Smile brightly and wink at what you presume is a jury. Even on success, since the assize does not use a jury, select a second event. Difficulty: 8 Advantage: Dashing
Queen: Make fun of yourself, play the fool. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Juggler-Acrobat
Knight: Find yourself a legal loophole in the common law. Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Cunning
Knave: Pay a stiff fine with a family heirloom. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Goldsmith
Ten: Produce a writ of dispensation or holy indulgence. Difficulty: 10 Advantage: Forger
Nine: Declare the authority of the court null and demand associated canon law verdict. Fail here and another character of lower level is tortured to give counter testimony. (Both he and you lose the argument.) Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Inquisitionist
Eight: Appeal to the onlookers for true honor, glory and justice. Start a riot to get away. Success and player may regret this decision to usurp the law. Optional, select a different event, but Difficulty increases by four. Difficulty: 12 Advantage: Rabblerouser
Seven: Pay your fine with letters of debt and indenture. If player's social status is above five, Difficulty drops by four. Difficulty: 13 Advantage: Accountant-Bookkeeper
Six: Exchange your debt of service with an estate property that you own. Someone else will perform your debt to society. If player's social standing is below three, someone of lower level becomes the indentured servant to the crown. Difficulty: 14 Advantage: Slaver
Five: Demand the ancient code of chivalry and trial by combat. (The Sheriff or Constable is no pushover.) Optional, skip this event and select another, but Difficulty increases by four. However, fail here and character is slain. Difficulty: 15 Advantage: Man-at-Arms
Four: Fake your death or incapacitation. Fail and the irritant you take to sell the event claims your life. Difficulty drops by four for Stout. Difficulty: 13 Advantage: Apothecary
Three: Appeal on behalf of your humanist prior deeds. Difficulty: 12 Advantage: Physician
Two: Claim to be above this proceedings protected by ancient ties to royalty. Even if you fail, you will be offered a more lenient sentence. Depending on your crimes, that may just be beheading rather than quartering. Difficulty: 10 Advantage: Gentry-Husbandman
Ace: Ask the judge to consider your family ties and shared heritage. Fail here and continue with event two; you just may still live. Difficulty: 7 Advantage: Lordly

Magician: Toggle Attract Fire. Argue loudly a case of theology by flustering and humiliating a adversaryís quiet arithmetic logic. Difficulty: 8
High Priestess: Gain Automatic Reload. Perform duties of a retainer holding a matchlock during a bird shoot. Difficulty: 9
Empress: Toggle Bettor Valor. Hold your tongue and actions, when reprimanded by a capricious royal. Difficulty: 11
Emperor: Toggle Charismatic Style. Dance with the king's mistress before the court. Difficulty: 9
Pope: Toggle Chiasmic Action. Survive a dinner service, which digresses into a food fight. Difficulty: 10
Lovers: Toggle Daring Pistol Fire. Protect a bishop from a ranterís attack. Additionally, fail roll by more than four, and stand trial as the accused in his death (Digression #J). Difficulty: 11
Chariot: Toggle Disarming Blow. Fend off the assault of a royal child, wielding an ornamental weapon. Additionally, fail roll by more than eight and stand trial for the tykeís murder (Digression #J). Difficulty: 12
Strength: Toggle Effective Spurning. Win a horse race to gain favor. If player is not an Equestrian, Difficulty increases by four. Difficulty: 10
Hermit: Toggle Feigns. Get an ambassador at court to arrogantly reveal his state's intentions. Difficulty: 14
Wheel: Shuffle and continue.
Force: Toggle Flamboyant Moves. Attract the attention of an influential patron with an exaggerated strut and standing pose. Difficulty: 15
Hanged Man: Toggle Gesticulate Garment. Impress the court with your elegant bow. Difficulty: 8
Death: Toggle Heroic Swordplay. Reenact a legendary battle with a troupe of thespians. Difficulty: 12
Temperance: Toggle Hilt Punch. Best a drinking braggart with a missed toast tap, pint-cross, to the jaw. Difficulty: 10
Devil: Toggle Irregular Swordstrokes. Entertain a lady in waiting with an array of dexterous talents. Difficulty: 6
Tower: Toggle Oriental Pummeling. Discipline an unruly child ward and teach the kid some manners. Additionally, fail roll by more than six and stand trial for murder (Digression #J). Difficulty: 14
Stars: Toggle Repartee. Win a battle of humor and sophistry. Difficulty: 13
Moon: Toggle Seize Swordarm. Keep an ally from drawing a dagger to issue a challenge on a dangerous antagonist. Difficulty: 12
Sun: Gain any Swaggering.
World: Toggle Tenacious Pistol Fire. Demonstrate your marksmanship on tourney day. Difficulty: 15
Judgment: Toggle Uncontested Dagger Thrust. Quietly handle a lesser antagonist, as he excuses himself to visit the privy. Difficulty: 10
Fool: Toggle Wrestling Holds. Prove your prowess in a non-lethal match. Additionally, fail roll by more than eight and fall with a vicious wound. Difficulty: 13



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