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Outlands Climax Ahead, but not next week?


Eight Warning Signs of Sea Godís Son
Blind Fury: The ship is struck by hurricane winds coursing over the isled. Each player must describe using his traits, skills or swagger, how he stays on board. Most of these rolls are Tasking. Anyone tossed overboard must save himself on Difficult display of skills or be rescued on Ordinary by someone still aboard, before suffering vicious wounds.
Flying Leeches: Not just a single big blood sucker, but a rain of the small slimy critters. Everyone and the decks are awash, a huge creepy mess. The crew will want to leave the region at once; forget this quest. They must be calmed down by the commander. He must describe a full D8 actions; each one utilizing a different trait, skill or swagger (no boats or mounts). Each roll starts as Ordinary, but increases to Difficult, then Tasking, Nearly Impossible or Impossible, as any attempt is failed. If by the end of his tale (task rolls) he fails the final roll, then the longboat loses half her techniques.
Foam: The area swells with what appears to be a bubble bath or thicker than usual salt foam. The vortex doesnít suck down but rises up. When the bubbles spill over the ship sides, the oarsmen a deck below will scream in agony. Anyone who touches the foam receives a caustic burn. The players and warriors must rush and take over the oars. The ship must be rowed away from the danger immediately, despite the unpleasant scalding each man suffers. Each player must roll Tasking (or Ordinary for the Energetic-Gifted or Bold-Rugged). Any fail results in vicious wound and the loss of one longboat technique. If none remain to lose, the failure causes character death.
Mist: From here the players move in a haze and end up a day later back at the start of the adventure. They will know the charted path they took before and may retrace steps, but any interphase hazard crossed will cause new injury. Maybe the group knows a carefree approach; unlikely? Maybe they wish to try a new route? Dangerous.
Mud Splat: Ship is struck by a hurled pile of muck and snow. Each player must describe how he prevents the loss of a swaggering, the boat or his own. Anyone who uses swagger, especially wizardry, to resolve this must risk his own swagger.
Quake: The sea god laughs and causes the isle and seabed to shutter. The players will hear the laugh as echoes and will not be sure from whence it came. Whence? Funny word. The rolling rocks off the mountainside can crush crew and threatens those techniques designated as usable ashore off the boat. All the losses may be mitigated at Difficult, but only with appropriate skills (same as resolved for Bane Trait city-state visits).
Reef: To continue across this passage is impossible. The players must turn around. More so, the coral below seems to be hyper growing as the players try to cross. Use free-style Wizardry to inhibit the coral from enveloping the hull. Any failed roll will result in loss of technique. Maybe the best and brightest users of magic should attempt the Difficult roll first. Any use of make-roll here, results in a half D8 increase of Warped Outcome tally. Magic against the godling is rough on the mortal spirit.
Tides: The groupís longboat is lifted on a wave and smashed against the shore. The damage will take a full week to repair. The group will be attacked by centaurs during the refurbishment. Do not use Escape, but instead use Q&D Skirmish (to enemy routs victory) beating back the first wave of the centaur. Then finish the week with Q&D Defend Citadel as the players protect their boat with a make-shift or conjured barrier. Interpret any strange verbiage to your own delight; the rolls and impact are whatís important to play. Success and enemy is driven away will end the event and get the group back on the seaward hunt.



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