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Project Aura


Found a space colony sim on STEAM, Project Aura. Tough to figure out what works; some aha moments dealing with both the interface and building synergy. Ninety hours in and can't say I've made it quite that far. Lost or returned to baseline on six failed attempts. Bet there's more gotcha ahead of the kind, why did you build an art museum before a hospital? No good answer.

Am enjoying & frustrating myself. The completionist in me will surely be disappointed. The game is MICRO-MANAGEMENT. You probably could run an Amazon warehouse and actually make money rather than do what I'm doing in a game. You balance energy, comfort and maintenance (cleanliness really). Any one will cause the whole thing to come crashing down.

Building and staffing anything causes neg hits. Once you build the wrong part, little hope to survive. Doing nothing is just waiting for the acid storms. Plenty of "me waiting" while I make small fidget parts to build the next large structure. I should just let it run, but I constantly hit pause to see how my buildings are doing.

Overall suffers from what most small PC games suffer from -- no easy mode. There's no true sandbox play to see how things work (especially as you jump to the next level (of base) and are hit by a new array of problems. Ones which could have been avoided if you knew they were coming. Expect the unexpected.

One secret I discovered--many online gripes about this and that or the impossible nature of Project Aura play--solves much of the early game balancing act.

The game offers building templates. In many cases you need to make your own. Combine two structures as one or separate parts you only need short periods. Take for instance the Plastic Shop which includes a sorter. Yet after I develop the tech to directly draw the three types of plastic from the sea, I never need to sort. That's eight power and four cleanliness being wasted plus an Operator. Forever? You use a bunch of plastic, and I guess you could tear down the whole thing and rebuild as needed. But I discovered I can build two factories. (Game offered just the one.) First one just to sort. The other to drag & melt (somethin'). Later when I got the plastic directly, I can deleted the sorter and keep the drag and melt team. NASA Efficiency!

There's a better game in the concept than Project Aura, but I'm finding amusement. I will use the graphics and moments of frustration for Battle Born online (coming in 2019 if I can get to the end of this time sink).

I thought Asheron's Call was a hard slough? For a better time pick up a copy of Evil Genius.

Back to dragging and melting slag. Christ, who's infected by space germs now!



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