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Sentinel Comics RPG on Kickstarter


Many of you may be familiar with the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game which looked like a pretty successful product.

I rather enjoyed it. I can't say it was amazing but it was definitively solid. For whatever reason, I don't see much interest in the game store. (I guess once you play it, it's done ... nothing long lasting.)

Now they have an RPG on Kickstarter for the universe?

I wonder if an RPG would sell like another card game? Just wondering what the thinking was?

Make as much money as possible (Greed is good.)?

(The board game thing didn't look like it did as well. Nor their Sci Fi version. I think I have the Sci-Fi one but can't say anyone has expressed any interest in playing.)

Card games aren't selling like they once were?

The creator wanted their comics in books rather than cards? The artist has a certain recognizable style.


It does look pretty.

(The price is just a little too steep for me.)

Pledge now and you might get the dice tray!!!


   Iron Conrad

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