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Outlands 30 Jan


We received our next mission from a Transvestite. He seemed arrogant but deservedly so. He is very powerful (armored by the plot). He opened his gown to show us what he was hiding. (Donít go there.) A goblin, lethargic, was given to us to act as a Magic Null. We would need it, because our goal was to slay (yet again) a god. The Son of Triton has taken to causing ships to sink in the Black Sea. The ice ginn even hurled a ball of mud and snow at us.

Flip an Ace and into the climax. Simple. The crew plays with an illusionary dog. Our ship has every longboat technique. We can pick any and gain plus four on our dice. Itís very easy to slay even Foul opponents this way. However, any wound we take (by twist) will carry over into the next adventure. We took the mission for a map, a Delverís Mud Map of the Isborsk Underworld. We will follow this adventure with an even greater one, hiding the Bones of Olegsvet and the Shield of Einharjar in a sanctuary Below the Iron Mantel. Oooh, scary. But we still have the Sea God today to fight.

The climax challenge (for a short adventure seven) was an exploration of an archipelago of isles. Several times the Clever saved Tamoon from injury. We could see Centaurs on a shore and sought them out for help. They pelted us with rocks and garbage. I suffered a hit by a charger and escaped only because I am Rugged. Escape again proved elusive and a modifier might be applied in future uses so that no more than a half D8 cards are experienced on that Methodís table. Add three to all Difficulties as a balance? The Escape would then be survive a half D8 events to get away, though some events will allow immediate evasion.

Three times we faced lizard men, the Foul minions of the sea god. Each time we easily prevailed. No one was injured. A few make-rolls were used, but mostly to gain techniques.

We found a clue at the demon-godís temple (on another isleís hilltop). We passed a final isle of the maze and are close to the true fight we seek. The sea is changing, bubbling and yet crisscrossed by frozen sheets. We hope the Goblin Null works.

Did I fail to mention that in two weeks (14 Feb) the climax Q&D, the one we used for the Sea Godís father, is Difficulty times two?



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