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Escape? --- It's a Trap!!!!


Why do we never manage to escape from an Escape chart? It's a Trap I tell you!!!!

Below, I summarized the basic numbers for the Escape Q&D. It's bleak boys (and girls). But, then why would you be running away if were easy?

These are unmodified results and there's no accounting for Major Arcana, levels, or Quest Pips and such, but if you go into Escape neutral, you escape about 1 in 6 draws (~17%) and you get captured / take a vicious about 1 in 4 (~23%) draws.

(Even with lots of plus to the dice, you only get an escape card result about 30% of the time --- Yikes --- Better make it count!!!)

I would think the availability of Advantage skills and Techniques is good. But, there aren't many swaggering techniques to be farmed.

And, of course, the odds are on a single independent draw ... when we line them up ... each draw is dependent on the one before. If the deck hates you, you're done for.

(Rusty and Conrad who prefer an only Banes deck might have worst odds.)

Things No One asked for ...

What did we learn here? Better to fight than run away. There is little impact on the table for the little Monsters or the Big ones ... the table is brutal by itself. When the situation comes to needing an escape, it's dire indeed.


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