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But ... what about Calculated?


Calculated Method Legend
V = Suffer Vicious
KO = Suffer Knocked Out
E = Must Select Escape Next Round
EE = Must Select Escape Going Forward
I = Must Select Irregular Next Round
B = Must Select Brash Next Round
L = Lost Swaggering - Next Round Brash or Swagger (Bold Red)
Switch = Switch to another Other Method or Brash
X = Player Escaped
-- = No Effect
CP = Gain Command Pip
CB = Gain Cat Bird Pip
TP = Gain Tactics Pip
FP = Gain Fury Pip
DM = Foe Loses Defensive Modifier and Cannot become Enraged
D1 = Dispatch one Foe Any Size
D1/0 = Dispatch one Foe Not Large
D4/1 = D4 Foes Dispatched or 1 Large+
D8/1 = D8 Foes Dispatched or 1 Large+
R1/0 = One Not Large Foe Runs away (Invincible+ do Not Run Away)
R1 = One Foe Runs Away (Invincible+ do Not Run Away)
R4/1 = D4 Foes Run away or 1 Large+ (Invincible+ do Not Run Away)
R8/1 = D8 Foes Run away or 1 Large+ (Invincible+ do Not Run Away)
S1/0 = Surrender One Foe but not Large+ (Horrible+ Do Not Surrender)
S1 = Surrender One Foe Any Size (Horrible+ Do Not Surrender)
S4/1 = D4 Foes Surrender or 1 Large+ (Horrible+ Do Not Surrender)
S8/1 = D8 Foes Surrender or 1 Large+ (Horrible+ Do Not Surrender)

Best Result is the Result that the Method Gets on the Best Result. Dispatch = Dispatch Foe. Surrender = Force Foe to Surrender.

The Colors are subjective but more green tended to be better.

Things No One asked for ...

And Now Sorted by the Best Result

Things No One asked for ...

Looks like 12 is the Magic Number.

This seems like a better quick Reference for which Techniques to favor. If you want to Dispatch a foe, choose the right technique. (Not that Horrible+ and Invincible+ have limited effects for Run Away and Surrender.)


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