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Outlands 13 Feb


We completed our mission and defeated yet another sea god; the Son of Triton fell to a blow by Cyrul. Cyrul also tore back the thumb of the monster and caused it to release its grip on the magical source of its power. Though, the hero may have had help. (Two of the five tables had doubled Difficulty, so many rolls and many near deaths were experienced.)

We returned home with some misadventure, an attack by the lizard men in a swarm of war canoes. But the easy going style of the steward, Ralf, prevailed. While Ungmar failed as a taskmaster, unable to get the famished warriors to row. The leader, Tamoon, animated the oars to do the work without them. A bad precedence? No, several of the men would later die and also join as an undead crew, making the living stronger in desire not to offend the gods.

Ralf saw Odin above in his air throne and promised to live his life in reverence. He started a freehold near Tmutarakan. When suggested he was too close to the lizard men, he scoffed. They were easy to slay. Lady Moridin chose to locate her keep in civilized lands near Kiev, but old rivalries prevailed. Her investment were lost. While a third man, Sigmund, decided never to make a true home. He is sworn to wander and seek magics wherever such exists.

The next mission will take advantage of the Mud Map, the delver route detailing our objective below the Iron Mantel. An old associate, Morg, also pays us to recover an item he lost there. He told us to seek a castle made of the most exotic of metals. Alas the wealth he promised is fiction. The bank of Novgorod says his credits are all spent, his position gone. But we will still return with the item he desires; an indebted friend is reward enough for our leader, Moridin.

As for the Magic Null goblin, it was found to be transformed, just broken pottery, after the god sank below the waves. The shards are somewhere on the ship, but no one is sure where. They may have been mistakenly tossed over the side or taken by someone secretly. Our new mission seems to preoccupy our minds.

We uneventfully returned to Tmutarakan. Our last leader advised that the Bones of Saint Olegsvet must join the Shield of Einharjar in a sanctuary Below the Iron Mantel. But first we need to recover the relic. We entered the catacombs and met some city guards. The men warned us to ďHalt, itís not safe to be in here on the Equinox.Ē We paid them to look elsewhere for intruders; our business was honorable.

We found a group of Shaka, rhino headed nonhumans. They asked for us to help escape the confines of the catacombs, where they were forced to dig. The odd people follow along as we seek a route out that will not cross human guards, like those we saw.

We finally, to end the session, fought a group of thirty cultists and a foul sorceress of the Grey One. Lanse slew or drove off twenty-six by himself. The woman was killed by Cyrul, before she could curse our party.

Where was Huginn in all this? Wounded and continuing. Though Ralf did comment he never saw so much sea water run from one manís eyes.

We start again in two weeks (27 Feb).



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Oh, right, there was a McGuffin. -- Mike Miller (posted: 2/14/2019) 
I guess we should have found out if it worked -- Iron Gamer (posted: 2/14/2019) 
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