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Ice Kingdoms (Epilog), Cutlass Play 2/20/2019 pt.1


The Fuggar-financed journey to open trade relations with the mysterious Mughals had, for nearly two years, been arduous. We had seen the deaths of many among the crew, officers and specialists, and the entire company of Cavalry assigned to the expedition had been murdered by the Maidens of Xanadu. The Imp, Alexander Pope was no more, and the vile criminal, Ben Johnson, was also presumed slain. Still, the undertaking had been a success. We had found the Mughals, and had opened trade with them at their port city of Kir. The holds of our three vessels had been filled with fine porcelain goods and exotic, decorative rockets. The mood of all was elevated during the voyage home, except for two.

Birmingham Brown, a sailor aboard Alida, was a gregarious lad, yet, during the voyage home he was somewhat subdued and secretive. Chip Wildemoon unaccountably, was nursing a grudge against the honorable Olaf Porse of Kleef. Porse, that fine gentleman had acted on his own accord to rescue Wildemoon from the foul wiles of the Maidens of Xanadu, yet the grizzled Wildemoon clings to some small slight from long ago.

We traveled along the circuitous sea-route: South along the coast of the Mughal continent, across open seas, rounded the southern tip of Yarmouk, continued along the Turkish coast, sailed north across more wide seas, followed the shoreline of the land of the Ottomans farther north, until turning our sails west for our home berth in Salerno.

Captain Moridin’s agents quickly contacted those of the Fuggars, and a contingent from the Cartel swiftly enough arrived to inspect our cargo. The Fuggar representatives seemed more than satisfied, and we were cleared to offload our prizes for storage in local Fuggar warehouses.

Despite attempts at secrecy, news of the expedition’s successful return must have spread throughout the city. Alida and Abora had been completely off-loaded, their cargoes safely stowed in Fuggar custody. Honey-Dew’s consignment had been carted, and the last caravan of carts was leaving the docks for the warehouse district when the streets began to shake under the pounding of horse’s hooves.

A company of Lancers, clad in Russian uniforms, thundered through the streets, and we quickly found ourselves surrounded. Chip Wildemoon drove the lead carriage, and quickly found himself knocked to the streets. Birmingham Brown tried to rally our men with dire warning of how our pay would be impacted by the loss of material, while Mal de Merd-a-din circled the lads for defense. Alas, brave men will fight without qualms when far from home, but even the stoutest heart might falter when so near the comforts of home after so long at sea. The sailors and drivers fled under the assault, as did Wildemoon, Merd-a-din, Mathys Violette and myself. Even the madman, Rolfe D’Ambray, chose the sane option of self-preservation.

Fortunately, the lost good were but a small fraction of what we had brought back, and the Fuggars were still more than satisfied with the return on their investments - “We’ll take the missing million from Viceroy Moridin’s share!”

The crews of Alida, Abora and Honey-Dew were paid well for their time at sea (aided by the small stashes of whale-gold and gems each man had, no doubt!), as were we officers. Additionally, the officers were granted substantial enough bonuses to enable each to retire to luxury!

Alain Gignot invested his funds in the very factories owned by Francois Duclos, Marshal of France.

Rolphe D’Ambray commissioned his own vessel. May God have mercy on any sailor unfortunate enough to sign up for the madman’s crew!.

Mathys Violette sought audience with Marshal Duclos regarding ideas he’d had involving the Mughal’s rockets. With the aid of the weapon-maker, Mathys created a new military unit: a “rocket Brigade.”

Major Bonadventure was Knighted by the Crown and invested his funds into restoration of his family’s ancestral estate of Vente Colline - Windy Hill.

Chip Wildemoon found himself fully accepted into the ranks of the high nobility.. Indeed, Wildemoon was welcomed into the very ranks of Royalty - betrothed to King Maxime’s infant daughter, Her Highness Maria Capetian!. While a decade or more must pass before the Princess is of age to marry, the arrangement fully re-legitimized the Bonadventure family into the highest levels of French society.

As for myself, my windfall was invested in ships and sailors. Born on the streets, impressed into the King’s Navy, deserted to find my own path, a chance encounter years ago with Nemo McMoridin, Jean LeBeouf and Olaf Porse led to my owning my first ship - the swift and beautiful Star Horizon. Today Star Horizon is the ceremonial “flagship” of Réseau Aurora, Red Aurora, an importer of fine Mughal porcelain. With my copy of the charts drafted on our previous voyage in hand, I turn my goals, my face, and the sails of Star Horizon (and the fleet) to the east. I have seas to sale, cargo to move, and, as always, my Elite crew at hand. By wealth and rank, they may now call me an Aristocrat, but, first and foremost, I am a sailor, and the wind is at my back.


   Hugo Marque Lamarr

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