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Era Ten Swaggering In-Work


Trait Fierce
Trait Spirited
Trait Inventive
Trait Durable

==Combat Skills===
Skill Jet-Pack
Skill Power Generation
Skill Banzai
Skill Sniper
Skill Brawler
Skill Demolitions
Skill Airborne
Skill Corps Recon
Skill Minuteman
Skill Risorgimento (Patriot)
Skill Veteran
Skill Myrmidon

===Academic Skills (Inventive Only???)===
Skill Scientist
Skill Fusilier
Skill MD
Skill Legal Reprobate
Skill Astronaut
Skill Protocol
Skill Robber Baron
Skill Bureaucracy
Skill Gambler
Skill Politician (Celebrity)
Skill Colonist
Skill Robotics
Skill Survivalist
Skill Xeno-Psychology
Skill Swashbuckler
Skill Gung-Ho
Skill Guerrilla (Insurgent)
Skill Programmer
Skill Scam Artist (Streetwise)
Skill Jury-Rig
Skill Drill Sergeant
Skill Psych Warfare
Skill Hostage Negotiator
Skill Saboteur
Skill Engineer
Skill Interrogation

===Swaggering, Six Sets===

Savvy Stentorian Voice (A)
Savvy Better Valor (B)
Savvy Protean Calm (C)
Savvy Gun Honcho (D)
Savvy Esprit de Corps (E)
Savvy Preëminent (F)
Savvy Crack Shot (G)
Savvy Eisenfuß (H)
Savvy Jive Evasive (I)
Savvy Blitzkrieg (J)
Savvy Warhorse (K)
Savvy Grenadier (L)
Savvy Hatchet Man (M)
Savvy Killer Instinct (N)
Savvy Dreadnought (O)
Savvy Raconteur (P)
Savvy Goldbrick (Q)
Savvy Generalissimo (R)
Savvy Assassin’s Eye (S)
Savvy Détente (T)

Tin-Head Rebootable (A)
Tin-Head Task Directed (B)
Tin-Head Pinocchio (C)
Tin-Head Free Trial (D)
Tin-Head Error Correcting (E)
Tin-Head Open Source (F)
Tin-Head Hack Free (G)
Tin-Head Under Warranty (H)
Tin-Head Spit Polished (I)
Tin-Head Code Patched (J)
Tin-Head Military Grade (K)
Tin-Head Legacy Models (L)
in-Head Safety Override (M)
Tin-Head Matching Series (N)
Tin-Head Sparks/Odor Free (O)
Tin-Head User Friendly (P)
Tin-Head No Blue Smoke (Q)
Tin-Head Linux Inspired (R)
Tin-Head Union Certified (S)
Tin-Head Battle Tested (T)

EE Suit Sonic Feedback (A)
EE Suit ECM (B)
EE Suit False Image (C)
EE Suit Cycle Containment (D)
EE Suit D-P Targeting (E)
EE Suit Star-Point Overload (F)
EE Suit Direct Plasma (G)
EE Suit Vise Grips (H)
EE Suit Decoy Drone (I)
EE Suit Mortar (J)
EE Suit Incendiaries (K)
EE Suit Magnetic Pulse (L)
EE Suit C-Cubed (M)
EE Suit Plasma Torch (N)
EE Suit Internal Baffling (O)
EE Suit Opportunity Fire (P)
EE Suit Extruding Nozzle (Q)
EE Suit Ordnance (R)
EE Suit Entrenching Tool (S)
EE Suit Hydraulic Press (T)

Funky Recombinant (A)
Funky Neural Shock (B)
Funky Mechplegia (C)
Funky Telekinesis (D)
Funky Precognition (E)
Funky Ab-Zero Cryonics (F)
Funky Active Cell Regen (G)
Funky Life Decay (H)
Funky Holographic Imager (I)
Funky Reinforced Synapses (J)
Funky Fire Starter (K)
Funky Chameleon Skin (L)
Funky Monkey Dust (M)
Funky Feedback (N)
Funky Mechromancy (O)
Funky Emotions (P)
Funky Paralysis (Q)
Funky Cerebral Splitter (R)
Funky Bio-War Pheromones (S)
Funky Trip Transport (T)

Ship MACE Sanctioned (A)
Ship Worm Hole Priority (B)
Ship Code of Conduct (C)
Ship Prized Cargo (D)
Ship Beep-Ping Alarms (E)
Ship Flawless Sensors (F)
Ship Intruder Free (G)
Ship PAV (H)
Ship Amenities (I)
Ship Rid Malware (J)
Ship Zilch Liens (K)
Ship Optimal Power (L)
Ship Industrialized (M)
Ship No Taints (N)
Ship Hull Integrity (O)
Ship Ice Cream (P)
Ship Matrix Codes (Q)
Ship Clockwork Robotics (R)
Ship Crew Unshackled (S)
Ship Trip Crystal (T)

Command Proxy Chic Cartel (A)
Command Proxy Stygian Union (B)
Command Proxy Church Galactic Vision (C)
Command Proxy Skimerian Cartel (D)
Command Proxy MACE Design Group (E)
Command Proxy G/Sol (F)
Command Proxy War Cartel (G)
Command Proxy Greenspace (H)
Command Proxy Alien Verdigris (I)
Command Proxy Kro Empire (J)
Command Proxy Cimmer Viking (K)
Command Proxy Independent Buccaneers (L)
Command Proxy Crime Lords (M)
Command Proxy Battle Born (N)
Command Proxy Worm Hole Cartel (O)
Command Proxy Journeymen Cartel (P)
Command Proxy Alien Feligh (Q)
Command Proxy Tetra-League Assembly (R)
Command Proxy Alien Rophorodo (S)
Command Proxy S~R Group (T)



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