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Outlands 27 Feb


We continued our search for the Bones of Saint Olegsvet. The catacombs were full of skeletal warriors and animated corpses. The tables were brutal. At one point half the party was incapacitated. The opposing foes unyielding. Yet even though we accidentally injured some of our own, nothing lasting was produced. The rooms seem clear now; we have reached the Bones of Olegsvet. A fight to retrieve them remains.

Our route was well selected if not entirely safe. We did encountered a room of offerings, gold coins and goblets, finery. There was also a trap, but the magic was placed to keep something else caged. We luckily showed restraint and did not enter in a march. We sent in a single delver to recover the wealth and leave heinous vampyres cornered.

The Shield of Einharjar is changing, becoming heavy. We deduced that it will no longer guard us as desired. A wound will be stopped but shift to someone else. It now becomes imperative to take the relic to a sanctuary Below the Iron Mantel.

The rhino headed Shaka remains with us. The creatures’ paths out are fraught. We may face a difficult decision to leave the nonhumans imprisoned or fight for their release. The choice must be made by the leader, Cyrul.

Huginn found a small piece of innocuous metal, part of the wondrous Gong of Niflheim. Against his ear it plays tones. The relic is reputed to dispel the undead. The gong lost the found chip in a fight. It was either carried by someone to get past these monsters. Yet why then was there so much treasure inside? Or else, the Gong of the Niflheim was used to trap the vampyres below. The whole relic, if recombined, would be a royal reward. As it stands now it can only be sued to direct us to the main.

Ungmar’s magical teacher, a minor deity or demon called Mysplex, appeared among the party. The natural elements seem now to favor Ungmar. (Not all Warped Outcome mishaps are bad.) Still, another party member is pained by nature and wracked by unseen forces. Not all outcomes are good; most are bad. Magic is both power and the journey to ones death.

We continue in two weeks (13 Mar).



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