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Cutlass Campaign Update


France in crisis!

Situation Following the Death of Maxime:

Duke Louis, second brother of Alexandre and uncle of Maxime is under house arrest in Mainz. The Duke fought w/ the Vert Valiant to take the city. He is eighty-seven. Prince Eugene von Savoy has claimed the lands and citizenry abiding in and around Mainz, Saxony and Nantes to be part of the Duke’s protectorate. The lands will not swear oaths to any claimant, until a relation of Duke Louis is sponsored. Until then, an independent reich is formed with alliance to Serbia, Bavaria and Russia.

Don Sebastián, the brother of Juan Phillippe of Spain, has claimed the lower regions of France as royal regent. Sebastián declares Tours, Vichy and Noire to be in rebellion for failure to pay rents and chivalric duties. The forested region has been sponsoring religious plays and that must stop. Juan Phillippe’s wife is the royal heir of France. The Lady, Antoinette Phillippe, age forty, lives in a nunnery outside of Madrid, after her marriage to the lesser prince, Juan. The marriage was annulled in Lichtenstein, but the documents were never delivered to the lady. A legal loophole it seems. Juan Phillippe remains lost after a failed expedition in Africa, trying to cross the Cyclones. The Lady is legally celibate until her husband's return of official pronouncement of death. The ink on that parchment is currently drying.

The region of Paris is now allied to the Scots. The lords have been forced to sign oaths to the First French Republic. Lord Ben Jonson has been proclaimed Lord Protector in Abstentia. Grognards roam the region beating people who wear green. Alan DaVinci is the new Prime Minister. The former Chancellor, Charles Viscount of Brittany, was executed for his role in conspiring to murder Maxime. Proof was not offered; he refused even under interrogation to confess. Henry of Paris, a cousin of the dead monarch Maxime, has returned to court. Henry’s Uncle was Alexandre; he is the son of that former ruler’s long dead younger third brother. Henry is mentally retarded—in modern terms a person with disability—the result of interbreeding. His mother was a first cousin of Alexandre. Henry was disowned and sent to a place where his life should have been short. However, he too is a DaVinci and protected by that secret organization. Henry has declared his love for the Republic, the Lord Protector in Abstensia along with his ardor for iced beverages. He performs twice weekly in the former court, singing while swigging large quantities of fruit drink to the delight of the newly appointed Assembly of Citizens. The executions of lords and clerics continues with vigor.

Loyalists have fled to Marseilles for protection by the Archbishop. The city swells with pestilence and famine. Marseilles is by ancient law a self governing Free Port in turbulent times, though it’s commercial tax from the colonies is claimed by Prince Eugene, Don Sebastián and Alan DaVinci.

Montpelier and the Antibaptists of Montpelier have announced their region independent and in kindred spirit to reformists in the Netherlands. No one appears to be in charge anywhere within that self governing commune.

More later.

PS Outlands moves at a molasses drip, while Cutlass gushes in hemorrhage of arterial spray.



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