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Television Academy Interviews


I love television, even more than film. Maybe not as much as gaming, but television has something for everyone. I would rather watch anything on television rather than at the cinema. Love Lawrence, El Cid and Few Dollars More on fifty-foot wide, but so rare. Watching same on 18" B&W tele is just as amazing; and we ain't there anymore. Plus, when it's bad, there's mute, FFW or channel change. Best place to see just ten minutes of any favorite scenes repeated during random surfing.

Case in point, the end of Unforgiven. "He should have armed himself; he's gonna decorate his saloon with my friend." Seen whole movie maybe twice; seen that scene hundreds of times.

If you have time (and who doesn't with internet access at work) give a look at the wealth of interviews on the Television Academy site:


These are people who are famous, talented, opinionated, conceited and rightly so. Find your favorite from childhood and relax into some idol worship. Trust me they're all obnoxious idiots if met face to face, but here they are allowed to be larger than life. Just softball questions to the American Gods.



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