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Era Ten Mission One Beta


Your duty officer calls the squad to attention to read your new directives:

Trip to Zeta Herculis and find out why the Battle Born squad, sent there by request of the governor three years ago, has not returned from the expedition or filed an Official Report. Their unofficial report has only three words. “Send more Mayonnaise.” Could be some form of code or acronym. The TJ Boys gave it a shot, decoding, during one initial lunch break, and again as an end of year party puzzle, but made no progress. They suggested a carton of Terran eggs be sent to Zeta Herculis, but those critters are extinct. And no, we will not fund time travel or generic research to bring them back. All the amber is gone along with the birds. Earth, damnit, is just a pipe dream, a source of fanatic worship. Give that puppy a rest, damn you. Uhm, anyhoo, onward and upward; off you go.

Fun Facts on Mayo: One tablespoon has 94 calories, is fifteen percent of any healthy diet for fat, and contains no vitamins of any nutritional value. If there’s any dietary fibre, it’s gone bad.



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At least it doesn't Reboot (R) -- red (posted: 3/12/2019) 
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