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Outlands 13 March


We gathered the Bones of Saint Olegsvet from the catacombs in Tmutarakhan. Doing so led to an attack by Avenging Hosts (horrible). We saw no alternative but to run. An hour later we were still running. Those mechanics need a once over; something like a repeat of the same event by same hero means Success changes to allowing escape. That works, so implement.)

The trip to Isborsk was uneventful. We had a court case to settle that was forced by the mission card flips. The mayor told us not to enter the underworld. He had a deal with the delvers. He said he would allow an exemption for vast amount of money, which we coincidentally took form the catacombs. Even Stevens, agreed. We avoided fighting the mayor’s ogre-magi guards.

The entrance to the underworld was locked magically. This we easily defeated via make-roll. Somewhere in the cosmos we heard the Gatekeeper, Jokubas the Sayer, scream “Nooooooooooooooooooooo.” He sent Smoky Sprinters to kill us.

Below the portal we found a dragon in an arena. The passage to the First Kingly tombs in far away Divina, the first spot on our delver Mud Map, required us to ride the great beast. We looked for alternatives before running and leaping. Our leader was the last to board Dragon airways from the Zone of Terror. Once all were on the creature—our gear and minions, whole thing was like loading an arc—we flew third class. The ride was unspeakable for some of us. Those on the rear claw refuse to even describe what they saw. The ones aboard the spiny back laughed the whole journey. The ones holding onto the claws nearly died.

We dropped off at the Tombs of the First kings; disembarked our gear and saw the dragon fly back to Isborsk. No escape that way; we’re all in. Some were changed by the experience. Some gained title.

One man refused to kill for the mantel of city leader of Varna. He said he liked being peasant scum. No one agreed with him, nor appreciated being called scum. But, he is too dangerous to challenge.

The evening ended fighting Smoky Sprinters, men who are possessed by devils to run at super speed, They die after the experience and try to take as many of us as they can before that event. We outlasted them and were victorious, little changed from the more hideous trip clinging to a worm’s claw perched right below something indescribably hideous.

We continue in Isborsk Underworld in two weeks (27 Mar).



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Defeated the lock with ... -- Iron Cuvieri (posted: 3/16/2019) 
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