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Wiz War Alert


I saw a game on the Geek that gave me that WizWar feel when I saw it demonstrated.

Now, I don't mean it's WizWar in that you play dudes blistering each other in a maze but that it's a clever combination of game things that will scratch that gaming itch in a nice way.

Think Titan: the Arena. (Interestingly, I see that they redid that game twice since last we played.)

Don't get distracted by the nerd fiddly bit thing, think instead the theatrics of playing the Prism to collect chunks of death so that you can wield the Fiery Whip!!!!

Is it going to make a bajillion credits? Probably not .. would be nice if it did.

But, it seems like a great mix of the fantasy tropes, a great package, and a tight little game. Not many cards. You put a few cards on each side, flip a handful of cards to represent places and monuments and race to 10.

Linky 1

Linky 2 (more detailed)

I watched a few videos and none of them were prefect but the Rahdo one is the most polished. (Rahdo is a bit of a weak sauce and confuses himself in his videos pretty regularly but he does deliver good videos.)

If you aren't hurried to try it, the price will drop in a few months. (Releases in US next week.)


   Iron Oracle

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