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An article about the Space X Testing.


I think they were testing the Launch Abort System which is the thing that flings the astronauts away in the event of an emergency. I'm in no way a fan of such a thing ... Take the time to make my space ship a bit safer rather than stacking boom boom on my head.

Having said that ... the video attached to the article is a fun es-splosion. That's what real explosives look like. For what that's worth. the article is fake news of course.

I'm sure NASA / SpaceX is restricting sharing of the video because it's their video. And, you get fired for sharing company property. Pretty basic.

Other than the LAS is a bad idea but the viewing audience wants it, defending a test that went sideways is easy peezy. That's why you test.

Why would you test something that never fails?


   Iron Conrad

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