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Era Ten Beta Test 1 May 19


The squad—we’re all FNGs and even forgot to name our team, so I’m calling in the Men from Mars—arrived at Zeta Herculis. We are on a hunt for Squad #72, sent there three years ago. The Official Report was just three code words: Send More Mayonnaise. We arrive hoping to find an SMM and make them accountable.

After fighting some young blood gangs in a storage yard (cause we like to start all scenarios with some dice rolling), we headed across the surface rails to first the barracks, then executive spires and after that a few greenhouses.

Along the way we had one injury, yet several gained swagger. I thought the test went well. Six Ignobles checked on my part, and I got to see my older brother roll Sixteen on 2D8 twice in a row. He wasn’t even the one who took the wound.

That was our leader, the guy who wouldn’t let the ship have coffee. Turns out he did, because my game aid had errors; now that I updated it, he grabbed the filtered coffee maker for the ship by mistake. The requisition forms he sent came back as less guns more amenities. Great for us Terrans aboard.

Era Ten is some absurdity mixed with gallows humor of the soldiers, plus high tech action. If you’ve ever worked for the military, our government or any huge corporation, you’ll know that things never go as planned, and much of what everyone does day to day is nonsense. But I’m not lampooning the people; I just find amusement in the too large to work system. Futurama? Dilbert in Combat Armor? All I can say is Era Ten (as Battle Born) beat both to market. Funny is funny.

For our mystery on Zeta Herculis, we met the governor who has gone hippy. We found evidence the commander of squad #72 took his own life, and the base is dysfunctional. Cimmer Vikings and Independents roam at will. The station has no commerce, except unsanctioned gaming and acting like a swap meet for terrorists. We might find squad #72’s DOC; we found his EE Suit in storage. We captured a gun emplacement, and now know there was no external threat which brought Squad #72 here. The governor and his wife are acting suspicious and strange. This after they, three years ago, made the request to bring #72 there for vague security concerns. They deny doing so. With about ten sites of thirty-eight on my schematic explored, we have much to discover and plenty of chances to run the Era Ten free-style mechanics for Beta.

Thanks for your interest. A video of the play should be up on YouTube soon.



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