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IMPORTANT - Saw Jeopardy a day or two ago ... and ....


There's a lot of commotion regarding the new dude on Jeopardy burning up the board.

I can see it would be just my luck, I'd get on the show and the questions would be:

Quotes from the Movie Excalibur
Things found in Tegal Manor
Stuff I saw in Gnomeregan
Viscosity of various solid propellants
Zone names in Wizard's Quest

And, that dude would walk on the stage. The dude is a beast ... unnatural ... an offense to all that is human.

It is with reluctance that I offer we should begin a movement to bring "The Cat" back. I know she's retired, living a quiet live, comfortably away from the travails of the circuit.

But, I think she has an obligation to us Tegal Heads to give us a chance.

They are on a 2 week hiatus when they bring the college dunderheads on. She can do a montage and be ready in 2, maybe 3 weeks.

It's time to end this fool. "The Cat" is humanity's last chance.


   Iron Conrad

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