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The disappointment which is Game of Thrones


No, I have never read the books nor will ever read the books. If I misspelled any names, it doesnít matter. The roles seem iconic to anyone following things. But, the icons are fading back to season one where no watcher knew who was who.

The first four seasons were glorious, even when I couldnít tell John from Robert from anyone else in the north, including the mother. Black is a bad color, add an accent or an emblem. But the surprises were stunning. Season Four is my favorite. It had all the working elements in place for more glory to follow.

Then it went to crap. Could be the source material was gone and the Show Runners were better adaptors then authors. I hate when people in positions donít admit they have no imagination for plot and pacing.

Use the internet. Lucas made the same mistake. His fans had better story elements than he did. Game of Thrones is the new LOST. The last four seasons have been mostly a waste. There were some good scenes, a few good episodes. I liked undead overrunning the town. But all the surprise was exhausted. The episodes became fantasy troupe of people reluctant to do whatís expected and then being forced to do what was expected. The reluctant hero, Odysseus or Oedipus, returns home to live with failure.

The main reason I watched through the misery of three seasons of wasted hours, was to get to the end. There was dragons, undead and revenge to happen. Teased and teased, the magic was only to be hinted, never explored or used effectively. Season five, six and seven were gone and forgotten. Sand Snakes? Dead Wardens? Littlefinger got caught with his pants down by bad writing. I didnít buy any of it. Create super villains only to take them out with uncontested knife thrust. At least Arya killed one rogue in a freaky scene. Yet nothing in each season was important; wait for the big finish, wait. People get blinded and recover. Sick and recover. Humiliated and recover. Wounded and recover. Killed and recover. Wait, there is a plan for the finish. Wait.

I was skeptical that they could pull anything out of their ass. And Iím sad to say they havenít.

Hereís three true disappointment:
Why setup the Hodor origin story if the three-eyed raven wasnít going to drive the mad king insane?
Why hint that Tirion is a Targarian if heís never going to ride a dragon or survive a fire blast? If he becomes the end king of the hill, heíd last one uncontested dagger thrust.
Why was it so easy to kill the Night King? better have Westeros end as an undead continent, serves them all right. Or pick Samwise the next king, why not?

The rise and fall of the undead was really perplexing. Why now? If because of dragons, there were dragons in the past. If because of dragons, then the twist would be kill dragons to end the impossible undead rise. Dany would be sad r refuse. Not what happened nor hinted. The night king appears and then dies. Was the king monster arrogant or stupid, no one can say? He killed and recruited one dragon. Couldnít he do two more? Oh now, we can avoid those javelins of cold, yet not a ship ballistae of iron. Itís sloppy. Itís not brainstormed or vetted. Itís terrible writing. Your plot is the Swiss in WWII, full of holes and forgotten despite the evil they abetted.

Most of the major characters are morons, but a slow walk to death by night king isnít even anti-climatic. It was dice roll who would claim the prize. All the servitors would die, and a few Tonys. Kill the Dothraki with ice spiders; I know CGI could make some. Itís in the canon (Iím told). Hodor could have killed the night king rather then Hold a Door. At least have two parts, kill-run from his army and then character kill the dark lord in a quest as he flies away. But he had to kill the cripple? Wheere was that foretold. You foretold a ton of stuff, but that came form nowhere. Bran is the key? Okay. But he sees the future? Canít he tell everyone how it goes down? Seeing the future and being unable to change it Ė thatís watching Game of Thrones.

Also, explain or consider why the king needed to be here at all? He seemed just a CGI cost they wanted to end. Iíd rather see characters talk strategy then first affairs and crying over being knighted. Itís cheese for an audience; scenes that have no place in a final season. Put that nonsense in an epilog. Or be brave and kill the character of after a lifeís goal is fulfilled. Briene should have been a lesbian and marry Sansa. Both have had a tough life. Instead they are two fractured characters living in some other reality. Sure, make Briene King or Sansa or resurrect Littlefinger.

There was a million great endings for all the characters, but none will get anything but a curt fall. The show is too lauded for what it has become. Game of Thrones is a soap opera not great high fantasy.

My delight in the series remains the potential of Arya and the Hound, but why would Arya be the hero of the undead battle? The hound is now Hodor without the stammer. He might as well carry Arya to her meeting with Cersei. I donít see how plausibly you can tie back in the faceless men. Sir Braun just appears and no one had bodyguards? Instead he makes a deal no one would honor.

He could have killed the Lancaster boys and Arya would have two faces to use on Cersei. The master assassin could be at K-Landing already, setting the stage as the incest queenís meister. Instead Arya will get a few minutes and retire to run a temple to raise her child assassins. Her sex scene was unnecessary as have been all the hookups this season. Itís a sad thing to watch so much potential be ruined by a pair of people who have no imagination (the show runners). They do not even seem to be setting up sequels or prequels; HBO must see they are killing the franchise. But they can go four hundred years past or present and the fans will still watch. No War of Robert Barathian. No war of Danysí kids.

Hire Tarantino and mix it up!

Well, two more episodes that I will watch. Cause I need another nostalgia drink between a couple of people that should be knifing one another, the elite are fools. Hound will kill his brother, there! Not like when Prince of Dorn fought Ė horrifying and well acted. Expect last Dragon turned into high altitude bomber, cause the show runners watched the movie Memphis Belle. Iím sure Trion has a ring of power he needs to toss in a volcano. Why not?



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