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Scandalous, Clutch the Pearls


Gamer Geek Projared, who offers his opinion on a variety of classic games, lost a tenth of his million subscribers overnight after his wife announced publicly on Twitter that heís not a very nice man. Google, if you like public soap operas. I have nothing to add journalistically to this mess. But, I also think many of the millennials who live in the public eye will find it less nice to die there.

I know if I lost one tenth of my subscribers, Iíd be in a quantum state of panic. With only four, I canít lose one-tenth. A full quarter losing one, well, Iíd be devastated.

I mention this because I am actually a fan of the alleged wayward woman who stole Projaredís heart. Her handle is Commander Holly, and I have recommended some of her work here. I enjoyed her videos and craft skills, if not their function to cosplay. People who can work with their hands are to be admired. There may be an unintended joke in there. Anyhoo, she too is now caught in the maelstrom, having to shut off her Twitter and website. Those 100,000 dislike followers of Projared are feeling betrayed, I can only infer.

I blame that Geek show, Big Bang. Gamers are supposed to be asexual, pseudo humans who dwell comfortably in dark places, shamed by their hobby. I was for many years. You think we adorned our school lockers with Free the Geek stickers? No, we were closeted. In college one of my buddies would tell his Mom he was off to play poker rather than to game. Bully or be bullied, perhaps both was the seventies.

I am sad (somewhat) for all parties. Commander Holly seemed a young goofy hippy, and I doubt this will end well for any of them. Hope this passes and none of the bad stuff is true. I warn all not to take any pictures unclad. Geeks should add clothing, not ever disrobe.

That and I make a promise never to offend my subscribers with tawdry details nor political discourse. Except in play. My friends as security clearance references told law enforcement that I regularly discuss insurrection and lawlessness. Maybe the background checkers were closest gamers as well. Oh, I could tell a few tales of noise violations regarding the importance of Siam. But otherwise, I am too dull to offend, except in mumbled phrase and antiquated term usage.

Of assorted Ignoble deeds Ė I am very much guilty of causing.



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Sad this happened just a few months after -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 5/11/2019) 
Never heard of the Dude or Dudette ... but ... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/12/2019) 
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