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Adventure Nine: Men Wiser than We

Patron: King Coins, Exotic Entourage – The party is approached by a caravan of freaks, magicians and tumblers, a circus of the strange. The ringmaster approaches and bows. “The angels above and the demons below our seas are restless. A decanter, a ginn bottle has risen from the Underworld of Isborsk, an artifact of Glitnir summons the elemental gods to war.”

That should get the party attention. This man is probably a Zaire, not that anyone would test his power. “My name is Reich. I am always right.”

Surprise: reveals later.

Mission: Three Cups, Perform under Duress – In order to use the Jug of Glitnir and capture the Sea God Triton’s daughter (as seems to be the plan), you must first determine which sea the god inhabits. Make a scouting expedition to three places, the Baltic, the Black and the Caspian. You may conduct your travels in any order, but Reich suggests using that order. Since you are here at the Baltic and most likely will be able to pop down to the Black Sea from Kiev, rather than going twice the distance (before the climax challenges). If you care to guess, you can perhaps skip one or two of the travel encounters?

Reich teaches you a simple incantation, the principal player and one minion (player) gains swaggering Wizardry Power Words (S). “Speak the words—Schéckt méi-may on-nah aeh-sea—when you reach the edge of each legitimate sea.” Doing so will annoy Aquata. Unlike the popular movie, the sea god has only the one female offspring. She may attack if near; you will at least see her rise above the surface in anger. More than likely you will feel her presence and can begin your hunt.

Motive: Knight Swords – the players are the planned martyrs for a cause. Reich may want the sea god agitated or even slain, but he also thinks your deaths would help him establish a cause for a Temple to Fire. Fire is defeated by the elemental ginns. If the party survives and is successful, the patron will be at best indifferent in his enthusiasm. This may not prevent their travels. The patron may be as much an excuse and helper just to facilitate finding Aquata.

Political: 5 Rods – Reich is a member of the Order of the Seven Seas. He and his outlandish escort have come from far away Saxony on the channel between the lands of the Franq and the lands of the Britons. Patron has a wolf tattoo to show his loyalty.

Secondary Objective: Queen Swords – Any party members not wishing to kill Aquata do come along seeking to find the other half of a map that supposedly leads to a great treasure; latest clue to the missing piece suggests travel or a person to be met in this scenario. Reich confirms that the other half of the map is in the Lost City, carved on a wall there. He connects a portal and shows the location, but the detailed glyphs are obscured by smoke. Perhaps a Dragon’s Lair or some other fire wielding terror?

Finances: Knight Rods – Refuses to pay wages, thinking coinage vulgar. He does offer patronage in favors, contacts and influences. These will prove to be quite useful to avoid four plus a half D8 travel encounters, usable for any card flip after seeing the event. You do not roll the half D8 until you first cancel four events. Any favors left unused will become permanent good contracts in the aftermath. Spend them wisely.

Twist: 3 Coins – Underestimates the danger. Start adventure with either of two disadvantages. No Quest Pip throughout. Else, no starting Methodical additions to your boat.

Flair, gain Tactical Pip for sacrificing Longboat Vermin Free (N); longboat loses technique.

Rival: 4 Cups, Theologian – Misha Linus a convert to the True Faith does not wish to have Aquata found and slain. The faithful do not worship the beast but feel the monster’s presence drives the humble fisherman into the chapels. She is further upset that the Bones of St Oglesvet were so cruelly treated.

Ace-Hole: Knave Rods, Foaming Armor – The enemy has leather jerkins, inspired by the seas, which repel anyone who touches them. The warriors, so clad, will also be hopelessly nauseous over time, so the player characters may not adopt the same armor, even upon killing the wearer. Players increase the Difficulty of Brash Coins by three.

Once found the Prince of sewers can lower the sea and help bring Aquata to final punishment. All tables except the last to slay are double the Difficulty.



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