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Outlands Weds, Ready Adventure Nine


Recap Adventure Six: Many Faces of Disbelief
Misha Linus, faithful priestess hired the players after hearing of their ruthlessness in Novgorod. She fears the return of a demon, Glitnir. Her mistakes took the players up and down the rivers with the Bones of Oglesvet. Those would be eventually destroyed in Adventure Eight.

A rivalry between Cherson and Tmutarakan remains, but they hate the player party more for creating a desire for the relic, giving and taking it back. Icarus of the Prorogati Sky Realm Zaires, the privileged wizards in the clouds, are happy the bones are gone. But they do not think the party is anything but henchmen, unable to make their own decisions. A powerful regional earl, Yana Vaughn of Georgia-Caspian, will not welcome the players return either.

Vizier Gennadi, serving the Crimea Earl Grigory as chief magical counselor, is a former delver and had the ability to tell Grigory "no" without fear. Gennadi summoned the Sea God Triton only to see the party destroy the monster and the monster’s son. He has since been drown by the sea god’s daughter, Aquata. Earl Grigory wants the party arrested to explain their involvement in Gennadi’s death.

Recap Adventure Seven: Offspring of the God
Seward Siles, the rogue who dresses in female attire, a member of the Imperial Guildmasters, associated with dolphin tattoos, offered the players a solution to the Shield of Einherjar. He would give the group a Mud Map of the underworld in exchange for slaying Triton’s son, Voda. This they managed to do with little effort, so it seems. Seward and the Guilds increased their fortunes after the Sea God and its son were vanquished. He knows of the daughter, Aquata, but believes the creature rules in a distant ocean separated from the Outland Frontiers by the back of the Midgard Serpent.

The players survived an exhausting scenario where wounds were not healed before the start of the next.

Recap Adventure Eight: Below the Iron Mantel
Morg was fired from his position in Novgorod. He asked the players to make amends by going into the Isborsk underworld, there to retrieve the shield he left behind as a sacrifice in his younger adventuring days (with Dukain).

The players were opposed by Jokubas the Sayer, level seven (DM-4), ally of the Eastern Dwarves. He is protected by Smoky Sprinters, a sped-up foe which fights to a burning, famished death. The Sayer is immune to some forms of magical attack, like Psionics.

The players destroyed the Bones of Olegsvet and placed the Shield of Einharjar into a magical vault below the Iron Mantel. Along the way they met the blacksmith of the gods, Glitnir, a copper giant. Actually they met two version of Glitnir. The potter fashioning aspect of Glitnir told the group about ginns and gave them a jug to trap one of the elemental forms of the immortals. The players plan to use the bottle to capture the Sea God’s Daughter, Aquata. Maybe we should start calling her a Sea Queen.

As for Morg’s mission, the shield he left in Underworld Foundry of Tidevansurverk was the Shield of the Einherjar. That seemed like something which might have been noticed long before all those Ignobles were checked?

Was anything forgot? Loads, including undead in the catacombs, riding a dragon underground to Divina, crossing five levels of the underworld and almost reaching the Womb of Gems. To read about those grab a copy of the April Adventures or see some of this being played in the YouTube realm. (I kick myself that I didn’t start recording our adventures ages ago.)

Blacksmith Glitnir, an enslaved titanic demon and true leader of Eastern Dwarves, thinks humans are a waste of metals. “Three percent, all that corrosive gunk sealing the whole. Don't care for you vermin. Hair rats bring carbon; filthy carbon. You even breath carbon, stink filled belching carbon.”

Warning: Signs of poisoning include skin inflammation and peeling, irritability, tremors, convulsions, weakness, headaches, depression, diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms like giant rampage.

A fully reformed Glitnir—all his parts assembled—seeks to replace the land and fill the air with poisonous metals, like Boron, Dysprosium, Erbium, Rubidium, Tellurium. He is kept in check by the Fire Ginns. The Fire Ginns are kept in check by the Elemental Ginns of Wind, Sea and Sand. Those Ginns are prevented from rampaging conquest by the Metal Ginns, of which Glitnir may be a kingly personification, something humans understand. His actual form and essence exists in every inorganic atom. Alchemy is strange.

An player character, Prince Ungmar of the Sewers, remained behind as the new keeper of the Tidal Clockwork. As he studies the gear and learns how to keep the world’s water from sloshing, many a captain reports more storms and rough seas ahead.



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