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Horror, three pages in 14 pt font


Four Page Horror
© George Rahm 2019

This game encompasses the best of the concepts behind Morrow Project, Cthulhu, Top Secret, Robot Dudes, Gun Fighter Dudes and Chivalry and Sorcery but gives the middle finger to those lame sets of game mechanics. Play to have fun.

Imagine a horror theme adventure going viral, found footage. An audience is watching. If they lose interest, you don’t get royalties from clicks and likes.

The party of actors has the following Forty-Five Tricks of the Trade. Each may be performed once as a party per adventure. First to use is first to do. Nothing will repeat; that’s plain boring. The goal is to complete the Ref’s scenario of horror, survival, zombie apocalypse, fantasy egghead, dark cover tome mystery and to survive or die well. You know the genre, now you have the easy mechanics. Play to have fun.

Forty-Five Tricks of the Trade
( ) Academy Winner – justifies damn near anything. Audience is familiar with you from another role that of course you are successful.
( ) Active Fan Club – defends you to the point of mania.
( ) ADR Control – Allows you to change mistakes made in voice, questioning, perhaps you did not cry out in pain form that flesh wound.
( ) Alternate Wardrobe – Hides blood, makes things more serious, adds levity.
( ) Blind Luck – solve all wrongs.
( ) Box Office Draw – obviously you are a star and make money. If you die, is there a sequel.
( ) Boyish (Girlie) Charm – works every time.
( ) Catch-Phrase – sometimes a situation which is dire can be made humorous and thus it is ignored. A fan favorite quotable meme should be generated.
( ) Chiseled Jaw Profile – too good looking to suffer such indignity.
( ) Cool Under Fire – dodge a bullet, defy logic or physics, cause you do.
( ) Cosmetic Enhanced – rather broad and rather stacked.
( ) Creative Editing – drop a frame or scene and make the bad things go away.
( ) Credible Wince – sure, you took a blow, it showed. But, it wasn’t a kill.
( ) Directorial Input – change things, set the order so a minor character suffers.
( ) Dirt on Producer – just blackmail someone high up to change the script.
( ) Freeze Frame – a moment to reflect and give closure on a problem.
( ) Hand Model – perform any action requiring complex knowledge of operation by simply focusing on the sheen of your palms or manicured tips.
( ) Honorary Degree – best to do egghead stuff with a diploma in hand.
( ) Humanitarian Awards – too good to suffer so, give that person a break.
( ) Intense Glare – stare down danger or show how hard your brain functions.
( ) Iron Metabolism – drink, eat, suffer every depravity and also heal.
( ) Killer Bod – better to have the knife or teeth slice off your shirt.
( ) Million Dollar Smile – helps also to wink so people forget what happened.
( ) Moody Lighting – dim the stage.
( ) Ninja Jukes – chop socky to the rescue.
( ) Off Camera Actions – great for getting off site reports and gear.
( ) Out of Focus – blur the focus.
( ) Personal Stylist – always look good running, swimming, dodging, fighting.
( ) Politically Correct – audience too busy hating or loving your opinions to worry about something as insignificant as a plot hole.
( ) Previously Blacklisted – shows integrity, a willingness to stand your ground on issues. Face down something ferocious, well, he did survive the blacklist.
( ) Screaming Rage – Make the audience shy away covering their ears.
( ) Slap-Stick – works every time.
( ) Song & Dance Man – old fashion approach to problems.
( ) Special Effects Budget – fix thing in post.
( ) Stage Credits – allows a certain je ne sais quoi to command a dialog, gravitas.
( ) Stooge Talent – suffer indescribable pain with a funny oh, oo, oo.
( ) Stunt Double – someone else took the fall.
( ) Superior Agent – get more money and more screen time.
( ) Tabloid Reputation – allows you to fight dirty and still be loved.
( ) Tattoo/Scar – obviously doesn’t get hurt by moral wounds, tough guy.
( ) Uncanny Reflexes – dodge and do stuff fast.
( ) Veteran Approach – veteran? that means war of course; sincerity and trusted for instincts.
( ) Vicious Right Cross – punch that bazooka out of his hands,
( ) Weapon Persona – always has a gun hidden someplace, even in the sauna and pool.
( ) Wide Screen Presence – Takes the whole space and leaves no room to see what the bad guys actually did.

Note: If you still are confused, Google the terms. Google is the source for all things super easy, barely an inconvenience. Googling things is tight.

Rolling Dice
All rolls in the game are 2D8 looking for seven. Seven, a lucky number. You propose an action to learn, fight, survive and then roll those 2D8. If the number is 7+, you pass. What you attempted worked on seven or higher. You found the object, solved the riddle, slew the minion, escaped the clutches of evil (this time). Miss and you still have the situation to survive or problem to overcome. How you do things is the heart of the fun. take a very real action, but justify it with an external excuse or movie trope.

One roll is often enough, but in battles with the Boss, there should be at least a half D8 per player. Remember the Forty-Five only work once. Be cautious or you’ll be left with tricks that no one in their right mind will be able to justify. Your audience is watching. How you justify defeating the Boss is very important. Entertain the group and the greater audience. Paly this role for real. Make them cry when you die. Make them cheer when you win. Your sequel is coming. Have fun.

Example of Play
Lois is caught trying to get away form four dead boyfriends sent by the sorority house reject. She fist holds them out of her room with Credible Wince. She obviously has to strain to stop four guys from just pushing down the door. Hand Model, now she locks the door and is safe, cause panel doors don’t ever break, nor do door jams. She departs jumping out the window but decides instead to just open it wide. her Active Fan Club sees the trick and agrees, as she hides in the closet that the dead boyfriends would not search the room to find her. But she forgot one has higher senses as he sniffs the air. Out of the closet crashes the Stunt Double to throw the last Dead Boyfriend to his doom out the window and one story down, a fatal fall in these sort of movies.

Does it Work, You might Ask?
These mechanics were played four times, all to riotous laughter in eight player sessions lampooning horror infused monsters on Gilligan’s Isle, Get Smart, Hogan’s Heroes and the Simpsons.

For the Ref
Watch a movie and make the players do that story before they any see it. Best to have a movie pass or cable access and not share the go password. Else, jot some notes or wait to buy a module. Maybe get one on Pay What You Want and pay zero. Free Stuff is what role-play really is about. That or say you using 5e to attract players. Bait and switch. D20 justifies anything. Change dice to D20 as needed.



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