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Just Rolled Era Ten Terran Background


Had some real nostalgic fun. Got lucky and visited every Era. The amount of times I changed profession, epic. Ended with a few swagger as well. Plus, to name drop a few friends in high places: Bobilee, Nichols, Mr Mann, close allies of mine. Hate the assembly. Lost my cartel to Skia but hold no grudge. Fought at Dipemn. Invented MRD, was part of team. Once an ecclesiastic. Forget all my medical and science know-how when I couldn't adapt bionics. Became celebrity host of Gladiatorial games. Ended up in the Corps. Sniper, Celebrity, Minuteman. Tin-Head Military Grade and Legacy Models. EE Suit Hydraulic Press. Savvy Protean Calm. Command Proxy Kro. Now I need a game.



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