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Sea of Thieves


Anyone play this? Microsoft has a shooter based in a cartoon pirate theme. Has coop play and pvp according to the website. Been out for over a year and first I've seen of it. I need to expand my horizons (some).

The pvp play video doesn't look very interesting, but what is the coop adventures like?



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Check this Pirate Game Out -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 5/14/2019) 
Cool, but also Nauseating -- red (posted: 5/14/2019) 
The colors were vivid .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/15/2019) 
Sid Meier's Pirates -- Mike Myke Mique (posted: 5/14/2019) 
Vive la liberté -- red (posted: 5/14/2019) 
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