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So ... ERA Ten This week? (29 May)


Bump dudes up to level 5?

(Before or After we complete the Mushroom Men of Mars Quest on Zeta Herculis at level 0-1?)

Add 12 Swaggering Techniques from Play.

Bruce gets his Insanity Rating bumped up for Suit Maintenance? Or Only Bruce is saved a point or so from his Trea ... cher... (uh ... friendly reminder of the rules)?

Shall we assume the ship, The Dauntless Perisher Mark II has all 20 Techniques?

Does Tony have all his limbs? Just checking man .... just checking ... why you grief a dude for checking?

We get the Duro Armor yet ... asking for a friend?


   Iron Conrad

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Empath forgot to empath -- red (posted: 5/24/2019) 
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