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Live Action D&D Cartoon????


From Saturday Mornings



   Fredrick Rourk

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Effects budget, how? Then spolier alert -- ggordon (not liddy) (posted: 5/25/2019) 
Almost posted this myself a couple weeks ago... -- Mike, guy who nominally is TV industry (posted: 5/25/2019) 
Heroin Chic -- red (posted: 5/25/2019) 
Well, of course! -- Mike, just finished cutting a marketing spot. (posted: 5/26/2019) 
Two quick observations -- Mike, just finished cutting a marketing spot. (posted: 5/26/2019) 
Dr Who Brand Suppositories -- red (posted: 5/27/2019) 
I've seen the property mentioned a few times recently .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/25/2019) 
Cancelled midway through the 3'rd season -- Mike, Trivia guy (posted: 5/26/2019) 
They added the bad guys after the fact .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/26/2019) 
Germans, now Germans are insulting me! -- red (posted: 5/26/2019) 
Brazilians are insulting you -- Iron_Tony (posted: 5/26/2019) 
OEM Indeed -- red (posted: 5/26/2019) 
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