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War is not Complicated?


Colville in his latest screed thinks he can solve war. He mentions Thucydides. Please stop, if you haven't read him. The Greek is Era Eight. He mentions WWI and a few other wars. He speaks very forcefully but fails to tie his argument back in terms of gaming. He may be shilling a product he's yet to create. His War for RPG Fact Book.

All seems to be predicated on the Great Man theory of history. Very Victorian of you. One man may prevent all wrong. So kill him! How many people must die to restore the post apocalyptic economy?

Some may not understand this is said as sarcasm. Sarcasm is a tough way to argue. I often say it as a joke when gaming, not in logical rhetoric. I try not to think logically about fantasy role-play, D&D especially.

Fine enough; his assassin's outcome is war. An Austrian Prince's place in history is vindicated. WWI was just a murderous act to make a house of cards tumble. I disagree or not? When can I roll dice?

He can pontificate all he likes. He is the Pope of Gaming. He offers nothing I can use. No mechanics. I believe it's tough to play a game without mechanics, the model. But, some people need to jaw and wag a finger.

We didn't just kill a monster, we started a war. Now what? For $29.95 and you get your answer.

War may not be complicated to game; neither are simpletons telling us so.



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