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Watching Beautiful People Play Boardgames


I actually don't have a problem with celebs showing boardgames on YouTube. Little bit of a timesink, but not total waste of time. Will Wheaton digests the rules rather well. Most of the celebs just want exposure, but that's doesn't distract me, so not a problem. See how a first time player handles the rule systems is nice.

Watched two games I've never played -- Munchkin and Ticket to Ride. Not sure either would interest me. Now I know. Both could stand some house rules to truly work.

I have a soft spot for Mr Wheaton. He's authentic. Took a ton of grief at LA Cons in nineties. Not deserved when all he wanted to do was play his Warhammer 40k figures, not get unfairly targeted in gang-up on the celeb play. He seems to have recovered to a fine representative of our hobby. Was one of the few things watchable on Big Bang, his episodes. Miss his SyFy show on all things geek.

Damn most of these people are gorgeous, but then again I live in LA where it's more common. My only worry is in the remarks sections. I see a ton of Rupert Pupkins. Maybe double the security on the studio where this is filmed.



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