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If I had the Tantalas Field


Read this on a message board on a video for getting started at role-play.

"After a long adventure of trials, the hero defeats the villain and gets to a chamber with his desired artifact 'My character is so happy that his quest is finally over, so he decides to take a long breathe in and out and-'
'WAIT' - says the GM, who rolls all 1s - Your character forgot how to breathe, he dies on spot, GG'

Maybe it was teens. Maybe they just punked a player because people are cruel. I don't have the backstory. I'll accept this remark at face value, because I've heard similar urban legends.

COSPLAY also creates very crappy god-identifying Refs. The Min-Max guys they criticize would never stand for such nonsense. Show me that rule for crit-breathing in the mechanics, fuggin' idiot DM-GM Improvs.

Should anyone encounter this, demand play be with a neutral Ref.



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The easy way they fix that -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 5/29/2019) 
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