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Era Ten Beta Test 29 May 19


The squad jumped in level to test the double roll level five mechanics. There was an easier time gaining swagger, yet the combat seemed about the same difficulty. We drew a slew of Banes. We did see combat at Defensive Modifier of four and were successful there.

The play continued at Zeta Herculis. We are on a hunt for Squad #72 and found the remains of their suits. The troopers are all dead. We also were given Lady Acid White’s pale remains. Which is strange, because we only just met her for tea. That Skia we met must be an imposter. Why Germanicus is hiding this or unaware is unknown. We found out the station has turned off terraforming the atmosphere. We also found the petroleum collected is going toward cosmetics. The S~R Group will not be pleased. A couple of battles later, a hack of the matrix to restore the controllers ability to run the place, and we were about out of time.

Our final hasty action was to slay Germanicus for Crimes against the League. We ended up capturing him only to discover he was not responsible. That’s how the mystery ends, like Drood, without resolution. Also, Moridin made the robotic workers go on strike. Thanks, Laura.

Watch the replay video on YouTube.



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