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Missed Opportunity


Stephen Colbert sat down as a player to role-play with Mercer, Thulsa Doom of Referees. Mercer promoted his improv cult of personality, not the gameplay. He acted like he was in an audition, not running an adventure.

Colbert hasnít gamed for thirty, perhaps forty years. He is the most high profile D&D sympathizer of the country. His memories of play are reverent. He has talked about D&D on all his shows. He defends the geek passion. He is a respectable, family friendly CBS host, an avowed Christian, science enthusiast and Tolkien-phile. The gaming arranged under the auspices of charity.

The play starts with Colbert taking about his characters of old. You got one hour with this guy. Make the most of it.

Do you let Colbert play Gandalf or any member of the fellowship, crib together a flash adventure of destroying the ring, the mines of Moria. Maybe play the riddle game with Gollum. Bilbo can sneak into the treasure room of the Dragon. Colbert makes the simple rolls. It could end wrong, but Colbert would love that. Do anything epic and bring a smile to Colbertís face. Take him back to adolescence.

Instead, a murder hobo enters a graveyard. Some bad dice rolls of no consequence. Lots of grandstanding by Thulsa Doom. Look on my works ye mighty and despair. Mercer might as well have been performing to a mirror (camera), not Colbert. He misread the audience of one and the greater goal.

Colbertís face has a wide smile, the kind people don defensively when confronted by a street preacher or a ranting anarchist. Please, get me out of here reaction.

I was ashamed for both of them. Someone give Mercer a paid gig so he doesnít have to shill for Wizards. Thereís got to be a place for him as a boy toy in 70ís reboot sitcom. Yet that might just raise Thulsa Doomís profile even more.

The comments section is filled with glorious people enthralled by the cult of Doom. TDís so dreamy.

I turn the webpage thinking,

ďI have been one acquainted with the night.Ē (Frost)



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