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Reactionless EM Drives??


To be honest, I don't know ... the writing was so dreadful I couldn't understand the author.


SINCE THE BIRTH of the space age, the dream of catching a ride to another solar system has been hobbled by the “tyranny of the rocket equation,” which sets hard limits on the speed and size of the spacecraft we sling into the cosmos. Even with today’s most powerful rocket engines, scientists estimate it would take 50,000 years to reach our closest interstellar neighbor, Alpha Centauri. If humans ever hope to see an alien sunrise, transit times will have to drop significantly.

Let me end the drama for you ... caution ... spoiler alert. You won't be seeing the sunrise from another planet. Even if someone invented the biggest engine, and you could get there in only 5,000 years, uh ... yea ... math.


If it does, the forces it generates aren’t strong enough to be registered by the naked eye, much less propel a spacecraft.

Generally speaking ... you can't see force even with a fully clothed eye.

If they need me, I got a bunch of old toilet paper rolls and some match heads, we can get a few micro-newtons as the assembly burns to cinders. If you throw in some good Ronco lighter fluid, it burns much faster. How we never achieved orbit (or first degree burns) as kids is a mystery.

The good news is ... IF ... and it's a big IF, they get their mythical engine to work, you won't have to worry about that sunrise because even after scale up, you'll only get about 20 meters from Sol. (You know it's good science when it includes meters and Sol.)

Sorry, got to go ... Beast Master is on.


   Iron Conrad

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