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Game Show News -- The Perfect Bid


Stumbled on this on Amazon? / Netflix? and had to watch:



More description:

It's half a loving homage to "The Price is Right", half, not sure. Math guy loves numbers and finds patterns.

There's a dude who loves the show and decides to study the prices (like many others). He goes to the show and aids the bidders from the audience. The show apparently encourages them to study the prices and shout them out.

After much ta do ... someone gets a final show case ... perfect (and wins them both). So, basically, a trip to Mexico, a case of Mayo, and a laminator machine.

The Producers were sure it was all a scam and someone had leaked the pricing information. It's a sad reaction. Apparently, they feared they had a disgruntled former employee who separated from the show after 19 years or some such thing. (See my clever use of words there.)

In the end, it all survived. They missed an opportunity to celebrate an amazing thing that would have been great for the fans. (No affect on the show either way.)

Marked for Game Show Fans.


   Iron Conrad

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Hosts reaction shows how little he cares -- red (posted: 6/12/2019) 
I assumed they picked a bad clip of Carey .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 6/14/2019) 
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