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Editorial Response to SJW link in Quick Thoughts


Everything is cool in free-style. Leave real world behind.

A subject and link about a boycott of D&D is presented in the Quick Thoughts. Seems topical, yet this one is charged politically. The man behind the video is a pundit and does not hide that. Normally, I'd just delete a link to him. He has other videos we have no interest either way in broadcasting. (Not that YouTube knows what to offer either.) Space Gamer as a site is not political nor advocates any policy (besides my love of communism).

The Vox message board would not be the best location for a topic like the Democratic Debates, as an example. Nor do we see anyone posting that.

I watched the link in the quick thoughts. Sort of wish that box would go away. I still debated deleting the post, not from controversy, but as a distraction. Would rather have the YouTube pundit describe his system, and the choices he made to defend his play. He seems to have only gossip about Wizards, and it may not stand up to journalistic traditions. As a communist, I like a controlled press.

Some very vocal gamers have thin skins. Saw one attack my sales pitch in DriveThru even after taking a free game? Free -- that's me the communist sharing.

No one is changing political leaning by gaming and role-play. Subject need not be discussed aloud. It's okay to be silent about your politics. Frankly, it's no ones business except bonafide public figures. Fair game there.

Even brutal character play is just interactive imagination. Play Monsters, Monsters if you want to see something close to being offensive. Sane people are not advocating live violence; insane people are not created by violent gaming no more than violent films or death metal music. We're not talking mental health issues either. All life is bad for you. Enjoy.

In gaming you play a character, not yourself.

Designers are asking is there a market? Is my style of play represented? Gaming does not have an agenda except by those adding their own. The true agenda is sales. If marketing in WotC says they need to sell games to tranny, not my concern. I know that term is derogatory (to some); it isn't used as slander by me.

Don't do as I do. I use many words people will find offensive. No derision intended; no malice. The words I use are for impact or flavor. Even if I say "I wish to color a scene" that can be taken out of context or misunderstood. I won't waste time clarifying every word spoken. Communists don't apologize, nor truly care who you are as an individual.

Would it be too much to first ask the user of harsh language if they meant to offend (before flying off the handle)? Sometimes angry words are meant to offend. Learn to be offended; it's healthy to control rage. Still sometimes the speaker is just ignorant (of your attitudes). Apologize less, talk more. It's okay not to like.

Since the link was specifically game related and part of our community, it stands as okay. Pundit in vid is passionate and merely debating. Topic does involve censorship. Censorship is sort of bad. Or is that controversial? Ideas, bad or good or angry, need to be expressed. I would just ignore much of this nonsense, myself. Fun is subjective; not universal.

There are better subjects for all of us. Your tears are wasted on the right and left.



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