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My Copy of Iron Falcon Arrived Yesterday


I purchased a copy from Amazon ...


Nine Bucks or just three GenCon cups (sugar water extra).

I have to say ... I liked it.

Now, it's not something new, it's something old. It's just a cleaned up copy of the original D&D. For those that have made their way through the books, one will note that there were revisions throughout the first 6 books. So, this puts them all in the same place.

The font is bumped up and the size is an 8.5 x 11 book.

The only thing I didn't see in the book was the castle and strong hold rules in Book 3 (The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures). But, that's about a page ... so ... easy enough to add back in.

Aside from the cover, there is no art in the book ... none ... zip ... bupkis. No dungeon maps. No monsters. No pitures (sic) of fighters or clerics or swords or nothin'. We don't need pictures so it's all good. I would have liked to see a few dungeon maps as reference because I like such things. One could put a few dungeon maps in almost any book ... cooking, politics, boolean algebra ... whatevz ... they are all improved by such things.

There's no campaign info and no dieties. I always thought a book would be better with a few pages to make it complete. Yea, there's not enough to do Grey Hawk by itself but you could dice a few things and actually play a game off the cuff with such things. (I would rather have a handful of pages on campaign over an example dungeon.) Again, easy to add back in. (In the original game, the Ref notebook was pretty important.)

I didn't love the cover. Minor quibble. It's not bad but it's nothing special. A mostly black cover with line art of a few dudes fighthing the dragon. To me, there's something iconic about the cover to men and magic. Just a dude with a shield and blade standing waiting for what comes. Something about that sticks with me. I would even spring for a few bucks more and make the cover a tan / brown like ... the original.

A great recommend from the SG Forums.

Finally, is it me but is "Iron Falcon" a pun on "Grey Hawk"?


   Iron Conrad

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