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The Witness (PC Game)


I started playing a puzzle game called the Witness. It’s from several years ago. The game has lots of logic puzzles all revealed as line mazes. There’s a mood not of wonder but of “what happened?” Many areas have stone figures, making me wonder if there’s a medusa? Mix of tech swings open gates and extends walkways when puzzles solve. No, you can’t just wade across the water or use dynamite. Why not? No jump function and some weeds keep you from going forward in places. The Witness? Maybe the Dream would have been a better title.

You have to cross out some symbols, group others, make patterns in the small grid, never cross the line you’re drawing…nothing too hard or strange. The whole island is a maze and has some fun tourist views. Think 3D Myst, perhaps, but I did not play Myst.

The game started crashing on me later as I moved into more complicated imagery, even on low graphics; I got my few hours of play, saw the colors, solved some puzzles, climbed the hills, entered labs, drove the power boat, and called the effort unworthy.

I miss not having Orks rush out and attack me as I open gates.

Nothing really happens. You could have had the puzzles as a slide show. There was no adventure game element of combining found objects. It was slow, and I don’t have the time. I need some actions to have negative consequences. I wondered if there was any ending at all, so I went to the WIKI.

Here’s what was said (by a true believer):

“Now, you're seeing lines everywhere, as well as new images created by a fresh perspective. You're solving puzzles, activating lasers, making your way into the bowels of the mountain, and you finally finish the last few trials at the end of your journey. You enter an ethereal Wonkavator that takes you soaring above the island, and you get to watch as every single puzzle in the game resets, all of your hard work is undone. It's easy to think of this as one last middle finger from Blow (designer) as you end where you started, the words "Start a New Game" flashing on the screen, beckoning you to hop right back in and solve the same puzzles again. But think about the nature of the game: now armed with all of the knowledge of the island, you're set to see the puzzles that gave you a hard time before in a whole new light, while perhaps seeing even more tricks than you did previously.”

Besides some audio of scientific quotes which I never activated, seems I didn’t miss much. Surreal games that teach us about life are bull. These heady--you’ll be changed by the experiences--are self indulgent tripe. “Better on Drugs” should be prominently written on the game box.

I miss not having Orks rush out and attack me as I open gates.



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