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Era Ten 3 Jul 19


We stared a new mission scenario of Era Ten. The duty roster gave us a choice of five assignments. One was not possible as we started; we lacked a Trip capable craft. We decided to select the first on the list, priority-Alpha-One, Patrol the Mintaka Asteroids. The player characters were mostly brand new.

With a new ship, freshly kitted out (probably wasn’t ours) we headed down the worm hole routes to Draconis. Before we reached there, we were attacked by a two man Cimmer Viking craft. We successfully boarded and defeated that crew in close combat. Check some Ignobles, buddy.

Arriving in Draconis, the security system decided we were hostile. As our commander, Inganeer, argued and countermanded their robotic rules of engagement, the rest of us kept from having our main ship’s weapon, a planetary annihilation vehicle, from being destroyed, as well as kept the ice cream frozen. Good job all.

From Draconis is was off the Jerk Sadr. The only trouble there involved refugees from the colony world. We kept our own robots from deserting us, while ensuring we stayed Taint Free on our own vessel. Non-coms need to stay out of restricted areas.

An attack by an intruder from the rival led to the capture of a prisoner. He was later turned to the dark side (our side) and became our new chief of robotic security. We are a forgiving force. On route to the Mintaka Asteroids, we suffered a set-back and lost an encounter phase. But we managed to cross to the mission goal in short order and with more swagger and advancement. When would the other shoe drop.

The other shoe dropped, and we were attacked by some serious offenders. Sylis took a wound, which he’ll soldier-on with. But again, we proved victorious. We arrived in Mintaka and saw much to be explored. We were struck by rogue missiles, stopped claim jumpers from gaining access to our ship and reached Camp Walker. After arresting Wolfe, the man responsible for ordering several attacks by his minions en route, we determined we face Verdigris, alien reptiles, in the climax. We also learned that untapped riches await by claiming Sakia ownership as we continue our hunt for the Verdigris next week.

Look for the replay on YouTube.



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