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Murder for ConCon 2019


Using Comedy Horror at Dogfarts College of Mimicry and Merch

You are a professor at Dogfarts. Itís twenty years of parody past the events of the Noxious Gallows, where the Dark Trope, Roleabort, was slain. You each hide a deadly secret, something that is not hallow.

So starts another school year. SKWEOOL, as Macglinlevit says. How we wax philosophical for how summers pass so quick in our drunken haze. As you and your fellow professors gather outside the walls of the school, a place smoking is allowed out of sight from the kiddies, you espy (some just see) the caretaker AC Angus DC Younger. He appears to be sunbathing ala Franklin.

Yet, upon closer inspection, he is quite dead. Beyond any magic to resurrect or revivify, animate or reconstitute. He is a Python Parrot. Every bone in his body, except one, is shattered. He has a very wide clownish smile on his face, as if, he died happy in ecstasy.

Yet dead is dead and a murderer, one of ten character professors, is responsible. Why us? Because this is a game simulation and the obvious answer of him being killed by goblins over gambling debts just will not do. Dewooooooooooo as Macglinleveit says.



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