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In the Category of Someone Lost a bet ....


Lancelot: Guardian of Time

Lancelot is sent through time by Merlin to protect young Arthur before he becomes King of Camelot, but by accident, they both end up in present day world along with the villains. Only technology can help them now.


On Amazon.

I know what you are thinking ... how can this not be a blockbuster?

It's got everything. An aging Marc Singer of Beastmaster fame as Lancelot. Everyone refers to Merlin as "The Merlin" and they even have John Saxon as the bad guy. Some dude named Wolfenstein or some such.

And, just as you are getting the action adventure vibe, you get the buddy movie and the Rom Com ....

Let that be a lesson to you to not drink and bet.


   Iron Conrad

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That is Mr Merlin! -- Fredrick Rourk (posted: 7/8/2019) 
That was a fun show as a kid .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 7/8/2019) 
John Saxon -- red (posted: 7/8/2019) 
John Saxon vs Micheal Ironside -- red (posted: 7/8/2019) 
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