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What this:



(I think Trek is on Hulu and Netflix as well as ... well everywhere. Who doesn't have a set of the DVD's ... don't embarrass yourself ... we're all friends here.)

Lots of stuff happens but mostly Spock is hit by the spores and lets loose. His old gal pal shows up and ... well ... it's the 60's.

Kirk breaks the hold of the spores by both loving and hating the Enterprise ... She takes ....

So, Kirk beams Spock up to the Enterprise and calls him a half breed dog whose Mother was ashamed of him. That girl couldn't love him ... he's just a computer.

Enraged Spock is over powered as the kids say.

The episode ends as they fly away with Spock saying that was the first time he was happy. (Why don't they want Spock to be happy?)


   Iron Conrad

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