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Era Ten 10 Jul 19


After reviewing the warning we received the previous session:

Mintaka was once a Red Giant, but it collapsed into a neutron star. The orbitals were reconstructed from the lingering debris field. It remains one of the primary sources of raw element 110 in the galaxy. Sakai is toxic; try to stay away from the active mines. Also Celebrity Degama says that long term exposure to Sakai can cause drain bamage.

We continued on our hunt for the Ver-Digris, the aliens who have been illegally stealing the Skimerian ore. Our patrons have grown by two as both the Journyemen and War Cartels also want to see the pillage end.

We headed elliptical south toward the worm hole. After swatting some automated security, we located an untapped source of Sakai. This we reported to the Walkers and received the proxy of their protections.

Nearly circumnavigating the worm hole to Jerk Sadr, we encountered two lesser groups of Verdigris, but not the major base to which we hunt. At every turn there was injury to our ship and squad. Three members are walking wounded.

Finally, a clue led us to the far reaches of the solar system of Mintaka. We found our second base vein of Sakai and thought it prudent to establish a retirement plan. Though we had many ideas on what color to paint our throneroom, we barely managed to mark the site with a beacon to direct our return. That may be for the best, since we need first to find, and if possible vanquish, the dual race Ver and Digris to keep the thieves at bay.

Now if we just find a sensor to detect when antimatter is zooming past.

Next week more Era Ten.



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